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About Typhoon Race

About Typhoon Race

The Typhoon Race is an annual F3F Open competition in the Asia-Pacific region since 2008. It is hosted by Taiwan, Korea and Hong Kong, rotated every year. Pilots from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, Australia and Japan gather together every year for this most awaited F3F competiton of the region.

The first Typhoon Race was hosted by Taiwan in 2008. Before the Typhoon Race there were F3F Open competitions held independently in different countries. Then in Hong Kong F3F Open 2007, pilots of the region sat together and decided that we need a joint F3F of our own. So we have the Typhoon Race now.

Typhoon Race 2015, Korea
The Jeju Island was once again the venue of the Typhoon Race in Korea, and yes flying at volcanoes! Strong wind over the conical volcano slopes was a great challange to the pilots' flying skill. See the offical homepage of TR2015, Korea, and the facebook page.

Typhoon Race 2014, Taiwan
The recording breaking slope of Lung Pun definitely drew the attention of the pilots in the world. And being one of the F3F World Cup competitions, you can expect it is not a "normal" Typhoon Race. And yes, it is a "big" Typhoon race with 64 pilots from 12 countries! Official homepage, facebook  and Andreas Fricke (FRA)'s write up on the competition.

Typhoon Race 2013, Hong Kong
The Typhoon Race is now one of the competitions of the FAI F3F World Cup Series! 48 competitors from 7 countries including the top pilots from Europe, not bad for a competition started out small. The homepage of the competition here and the associate facebook page.

Typhoon Race 2012, Korea
December in Korea, a snow F3F was expected! But the snow was just too heavy that the Korea organizer had to change the venue to JeJu Island which is over hundred of kilometers from Golden Mountain, the original flying site. See the offical homepage of TR2012, Korea.

Typhoon Race 2011, Taiwan
You don't want to miss it! Seven sub-30 by four pilots. Four times world record re-written! Please read Stanley Chan's detail report on the 4th Typhoon Race.

Typhoon Race 2010, Hong Kong
Typhoon Race now turned to our home town! What a challenge to hold an F3F for 50+ pilots in 3 days! Please read Stanley Chan's detail report on the 3rd Typhoon Race.

Typhoon Race 2009, Korea
The beautiful Jeju Island was the venue of the 2nd Typhoon Race. Have you ever thought of flying at volcanoes? Please read Wang Kung-Ting (Taiwan)'s interesting article on his first International F3F (under construction).

Typhoon Race 2008, Taiwan
I am sure the Typhoon Race is blessed by the wind god, cause the first Typhoon Race was running in the rain and ended in a Typhoon! C. M. Cheng's write up on the first Typhoon Race.


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Typhoon Race 2016, Hong Kong organized by the Hong Kong Radio Control Soaring Society (HKRCSS), copyright 2016.
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