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Name Team Freq. Country Note
1 FRICKE, Andreas Frasinaus 2.4GHz France 2B,T,size=XL
2 CORTINA, David Frasinaus 2.4GHz USA 4B,2T,size=XL
3 WONG, Wing Pegasus 2.4GHz Hong Kong B,size=XL
4 LEUNG, Chi Sang Secret 2.4GHz Hong Kong B,size=L
5 WONG, Tuba KTM 2.4GHz Hong Kong B,size=XL
6 CHAN, Kenneth KTM 2.4GHz Hong Kong B,size=L
7 LI, Man KTM 2.4GHz Hong Kong B,size=L
8 LEE, Angus Pegasus 2.4GHz Hong Kong B,size=L
9 KIM, Taeyeon Nosecone 2.4GHz Korea B,T,A,size=XL
10 TSE, Sunny Crossover 2.4GHz Hong Kong B,size=L
11 KO, Mun Kyu Haroobang 2.4GHz Korea B,T,A,size=L
12 JEON, Im Kil Albatross 2.4GHz Korea B,T,A,size=L
13 PARK, Seongsik Albatross 2.4GHz Korea B,T,A,size=M
14 HWANG, HeayrongNosecone2.4GHzKoreaB,T,A,size=L
15 LEUNG, Chi Wa Secret 2.4GHz Hong Kong B,size=L
16 HAN, Sung Ho Albatross 2.4GHz Korea B,T,A,size=XL
17LAU, Chak ManCrossover2.4GHzHong KongB,size=M
18LEUNG, DonnyCrossover2.4GHzHong KongB,size=M
19LAI, Kwong Leung-2.4GHzHong KongB,size=L
20KO, KenDelta force2.4GHzHong KongB,size=XL
21CHAN, StanleyDelta force2.4GHzHong KongB,size=XL
22HO, Kwok WaiDelta force2.4GHzHong KongB,size=XL
23AU, Chi FaiSecret2.4GHzHong KongB,size=L
24LEE, JaejinHaroobang2.4GHzKoreaB,T,A,size=L
25TAN, JeffFrasinaus2.4GHzSingapore2B,2T,A,size=XL
26LEUNG, Chun Wai PhilipPegasus2.4GHzHong KongB,size=XL
27KIM, Jin Ho-2.4GHzKoreaB,T,A,size=M
28LEE, Sang Jun-2.4GHzKoreaB,T,A,size=L
29LEE, JoonHaroobang2.4GHzKoreaB,T,A,size=M
30CHANG, Chang TaiTaiwan Team2.4GHzTaiwanB,T,size=L
31LEE, Ping ShengTaiwan Team2.4GHzTaiwanB,T,size=L
32LU, Hung JenTaiwan Team2.4GHzTaiwanB,T,size=XL
33YEUNG, Allan-2.4GHzHong KongB,size=L
34LEE, Kung Hsun-2.4GHzTaiwanB,T,size=S
35CHENG, Chung Ming-2.4GHzHong KongB,size=L
36CHAN, Kwok Wai-2.4GHzHong KongB,size=XL

T=Transportation - Shuttle bus between hotel and flying site?
A=Group booking for Accomodation (Regal Riverside Hotel)
S=Size - Wind-breaker size.


Team name Member 1 Member 2 Member 3
1 Frasinaus FRICKE, Andreas CORTINA, David TAN, Jeff
2 Secret LEUNG, Chi Sang LEUNG, Chi Wa AU, Chi Fai
3 KTM WONG, Tuba CHAN, Kenneth LI, Man
4 Pegasus LEE, Angus WONG, Wing LEUNG, Chun Wai Philip
5 Nosecone KIM, Taeyeon HWANG, Heayrong -
6 Crossover TSE, Sunny LAU, Chak Man LEUNG, Donny
7 Albatross JEON, Im Kil PARK, Seongsik HAN, Sung Ho
8 Delta force KO, Ken CHAN, Stanley HO, Kwok Wai
9 Taiwan Team CHANG, Chang Tai LEE, Ping Sheng LU, Hung Jen
10HaroobangLEE, JaejinLEE, JoonKO, Mun Kyu


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Please contact Angus Lee if you want to be one of the sponsors of TR2016.
Typhoon Race 2016, Hong Kong organized by the Hong Kong Radio Control Soaring Society (HKRCSS), copyright 2016.
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