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November 7, 2016
Please note your pilot number:
# Name
1 HAN, Sung Ho
2 YEUNG, Allan
3 AU, Chi Fai
4 LEE, Jaejin
5 TAN, Jeff
6 KIM, Taeyeon
7 LAU, Chak Man
8 FRICKE, Andreas
9 CHENG, Chung Ming
10 LEUNG, Chun Wai Philip
11 CHAN, Kwok Wai
12 CHAN, Kenneth
13 LEE, Joon
14 LEUNG, Chi Sang
15 KO, Ken
16 HWANG, Heayrong
17 LEE, Ping Sheng
18 JEON, Im Kil
19 KO, Mun Kyu
20 CHAN, Stanley
21 LEE, Angus
22 WONG, Tuba
23 PARK, Seongsik (PARK Hoosik)
24 CHANG, Chang Tai
25 Tse, Sunny
26 LAI, Kwong Leung
27 CORTINA, David
28 LU, Hung Jen
29 LEUNG, Chi Wa
30 LEE, Sang Jun
31 HO, Kwok Wai
32 LEUNG, Donny
33 WONG, Wing
34 LI, Man
35 KIM, Jin Ho
36 LEE, Kung Hsun

October 23, 2016
Pilot sequence is uploaded.

March 4, 2016
Please note that registration is already opened! More...

February 1, 2016
Dear TR2016 competitors,

Here we will put the latest update of the competition. The update will also be posted in the facebook TR2016 group and the rcsail.com F3F forum. Stay tuned!

Yours sincerely,
TR2016 Organizing Committee.

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Please contact Angus Lee if you want to be one of the sponsors of TR2016.
Typhoon Race 2016, Hong Kong organized by the Hong Kong Radio Control Soaring Society (HKRCSS), copyright 2016.
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