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October 20, 2013
Competition Day 3
The venue today is High Junk Peak.

October 20, 2013
Competition Day 2 - Results
Here is the results after day 2's competition.

October 19, 2013
Competition Day 2
The venue today is High Junk Peak.

October 18, 2013
Competition Day 1 - Results
Here is the results after day 1's competition.

October 18, 2013
Competition Day 1
The venue today is Ma On Shan.

October 17, 2013
Start sequence and group scoring

Dear pilots,

We have finished pilot registration today and you should have received a copy of start sequence. The start sequence is the order of take off, randomly generated for each round and repeated in round 11. Please read it carefully because the pilot before you is not necessary the same in each round.

You may also noticed that the members of a team are distributed in three groups of sequence 1 to 16, 17 to 32, and 33 to 48. This is to allow enough seperation between members so they can help each other.

If a round has to be interrupted because of, say, weather not permit or end of the competition day, we will enable group scoring base on the three groups. For example, the last competitor of the day is always the one on sequence 16, 32 or 48. Please note that group scoring is used only as a last resort. We will try not to use it if possible.

October 16, 2013
Round zero
There will be no round zero.

October 16, 2013
Flying before the competition
No flying is allowed before the competiton unless officially approved by the CD.

October 16, 2013
About the location of competition
The flying site for the competition of the day will be posted here at 6:15am. It will also be announced at 6:45am during the briefing at the hotel.
The 6:45am briefing at the hotel is mainly for foreign pilots. Local pilots can directly go to the flying site. The briefing for the competition is held at the flying site.

October 16, 2013
Dear TR2013 competitors,

Here we will put the latest update of the competition. The update will also be posted in the facebook TR2013 group and the rcsail.com F3F forum. Stay tuned!

Yours sincerely,
TR2013 Organizing Committee.

Please contact Angus Lee if you want to be one of the sponsors of this renowned F3F event in Asia.
Typhoon Race 2013, Hong Kong organized by the Hong Kong Radio Control Soaring Society (HKRCSS), copyright 2013.
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