2009 Hong Kong F3F League - Match 11
High Junk Peak, November 15, 2009

The eleventh match for the 2009 Hong Kong F3F league was held successfully on Sunday, 15 November 2009 in the northeast facing slope of High Junk Peak. The weather forecast is moderate northeasterly wind with occasional rain patches. A total of 21 pilots gathered in Tai Au Mum road car park in the early morning. They started the demanding hike up at 9 am and gradually arrived there. After the course was setup, the race was officially started at 10:30am Wind was straight to the slope with speed measured at average 7 m/s. In the first round, Fat Fai broke the 2009 best speed record held so far at 48s for a long time, and everybody cheered up!  But we all knew that this record won't hold for long. Just a minute later it was broken again by Donny with a 44.12s! Donny enjoyed this best speed title for a longer period until Ah Pong broke the record again with a 43.21s. The heat contest continued in the second round with a new record by Angus at 40.91s despite Johnson and Ah Mak got the same closed time of 42.81s. In the third round, pilots struggled and found very difficult to break this barrier. Not until Stanley flew his Freestyler with a stunning 34.65s, then they believed the slope in High Junk Peak is really capable of sub forties! This is not only the HJP slope record but also a new speed record for Hong Kong!  The contest was immediately heated up after Stanley's record flight. Due to more difficult landing in High Junk Peak, many gliders were damaged, this forced many pilots to give up the contest or rush to repair their gliders on site.  Kenneth's NYX was damaged on landing and was forced to hike down to the car park to get some emergency repair kit - a lot of exercise for him!  A few small rain patches started coming in in the middle of round 4 and many pilots' run seemed to be slowed down. Stanley smashed his Freestyler into the tree during a highspeed turn! The debris scattered a wide area which took him a long time to recover. The rain was getting more heavy at 2 pm when round 4 was completed, so the contest was called off and all pilots quickly packed up and descended down the hill. Round 4 was won by Johnson with a 44.55s and after the timings were entered and score sheet was generated. The result was announced in the foothill shop. The champion is Johnson. Stanley is the 1st runner-up, Angus is the 2nd runner-up. The second, third, and forth places are very tight with only few marks difference. Congratulation to all winners! The summary of the score table is shown below, for details, please check the score sheet.


Ah Mak is confident to get good result in High Junk Peak

Ah Pong was testing the equipment while other pilots were having free flights tuning their gliders to optimal conditions

There were so many hikers passing the High Junk Peak and our landing zoom, that mean we had to wait for them to pass through before we can land our plane after the run. This slowed down the contest a bit.

Fat Fai was helping to launch Stanley's Freestyler

Lee Man is helping his son to launch

Eric crashed his plane in the first round and borrowed Kenneth's NYX to fly. Unfortunately, the servo was damaged in a hard landing, a quick repair was needed.

Oh! Kenneth's NYX was damaged on landing - a quick fix was on the way

What strategy did Ah Pong think about before the run?

Stanley and Fat Fai are now good teammate

The 2nd runner-up prize went to Angus

The 1st runner-up prize went to Stanley

Johnson is the champion today, congratulation!

A new HK best speed record of 34.65s for Stanley. Ah So also got the best speed for flying 60" moldy.

A group photo after the race, cheers!
Watch Stanley's 34.65s record-breaking movie
Watch Ah Mak's 41.41s movie
Watch Ah Pong's 51.48s movie
Watch Uncle Chan's 52.03s movie