F3F Slope Race in Mo On Shan
August 26, 2007

The eighth F3F competition for the Year 2007 was held in Ma On Shan on Sunday, 26 August, 2007. The contest was originally scheduled on 12 August but was postponed due to bad weather. The weather forecast that day was light northeast wind in the morning and got up to moderate southeasterly in the afternoon. So it was decided to make a gamble to hold the race in Ma On Shan's east-facing slope. In the early morning, about a dozen enthusiastic r/c pilots arrived at Ma On Shan car park for the briefing. They started to hike up at about 9:45am after watching the slow moving cloud showing that the wind was picking up. When they were on the top, they discovered that the wind was right on the slope, although it was very marginal at 2 to 3 m/s. Ok, the race was kicked off at about 11:30 with Li Man being the first to fly. His Sting was a right choice in this kind of marginal condition. However, Mak's and Stanley's Aris both performed poorly in this light wind condition. Surprisingly, Ah Kin's Ceres performed extremely well today and it behaved like a completely different machine as in  previous races. In addition with a bit of luck, he flown his Ceres to get a 54.94s under an average 4.5m/s of wind and took the first 1000. He continued to take the lead with a big margin and Ah Pong was catching up in the second place with large efforts. C.M. flown his brand new Aris the first time and did pretty well in some runs. Angus and Y.C. came in the afternoon just be able to join the contest at round 5. Angus's Skorpion did very well, his runs were smooth with astonishing speed. This is certainly a good, but unfortunately a bit expensive, racing machine! The race was called on and off a few times due to variable wind conditions. Finally, a total of 8 rounds was completed at 5pm and the Champion is Ah Kin. Fat Fat stole the speed man title with a 52.41s in round 3.

Congratulation to the winners. Here is the summarized scores for the race. For details, please check the score sheet.


The current F3F League scores are summarized as follow. Mak is still leading at 4968 points. Stanley follows with 4869 points while Ah Pong is in 3rd with 4793 points


Those crazy pilot arrived earlier in the morning, but no wind!

As usual, this is a waiting game

The wind was getting up to 3m/s, it's still marginal, but...

Ok, let's start the race

Donny although is not new to F3F, his SpiderX joined an F3F race the first time

Ah Kin looked confident today

Happy guy Ah Pong was on the right track and getting a good start

Ah So was happy with his RaceM

Y.C. has struggled for a decision to go for  paraglidering or rc soaring, so he finally chose F3F but came late

Angus was missing in the morning race so he aimed only for the speedy man award. Can he get it?

Ah Mak was helping Angus to launch his Skorpion

This Sting was one of the earliest F3F model in Hong Kong

Ah Kin's Ceres performed astonishing well today

No wind! The race was called on and off in variable condition

Congratulation to the winners! Champion Ah Kin, 1st runner up, Ah Pong, 2nd runner up, Fat Fai

Let's have a group photo. See you next race, happy guys!