The Hong Kong Radio Control Soaring Society



The management of HKRCSS is entrusted to a committee consisting of four office bearers, five function chairs (*), some interest group representatives and a few committee members. We also invited a few advisors to give advises on matters related to the club functions. Regular committee meeting will be held every three months and there is an annual general meeting for all members. The four office bearers are: Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary. The five function chairs are responsible for, publicity, technical, training, social function and industrial liaison. There is also a safety officer to overlook the safety issues of the club's activities. The job definitions of these posts are given as follow:

Responsible for promoting the club's activities, membership drive, membership registration, web hosting and updates, production of bi-annual newsletters, external relationship with the general public, other r/c clubs and government.

Responsible for training of new pilots, flying skill upgrade, organize training courses for sailplanes, both theory and practice, training courses in r/c principles, r/c equipment, band and frequency selection, production of training materials.

Social Function
Responsible for organizing social functions for the club's members, such as annual dinner, field trips, study tours, get together BBQ, hiking, soaring trips to exotic places.

Administrative officer
Administrative officer oversees the general duties of the society.

Safety Officer
The major responsibility of the safety officer is to lay down the guidelines for the safety issues of the club's activities, and to enforce the guidelines rigorously from time to time.

Interest Groups
In order to serve the need of our members whom may have a wide area of interest, HKRCSS may allow a group of members sharing the same interest in some items of r/c soaring activities to form an interest group. Examples of these groups are: thermal soaring group, EPP combat group, and etc. Currently, we have the following active interest groups:

  1. Thermal Soaring Group

  2. Scale Soaring Group

  3. F3F Slope Racing Group

  4. F3K Hand Launch Glider Competition Group

  5. EPP Combat Group

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* In the fourth committee meeting of 2013, it was proposed that due to the change of the nature of the functions, Technical and Industrial Liaision will be cancelled. A new Administrative chair will be added. The proposal was endorsed in the 2013AGM.
* In the first committee meeting of 2013, it was agreed to cancel the competition chair. In the past, interest groups who are supposed experts in their fields made the rules and organized the competitions, and was running very well. This is more appropriate then all handled by the Competition chair.