Typhoon Race 2010
8-10 October, 2010

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Typhoon Race 2010 Pilot Entry List
(Please note that this is a registration list,
for pilot contest order list, please check on pilot_list.pdf)

Reg. No Name Pilots from Team Name Model 1 Model 2 Model 3 Freq. 1 Freq. 2 T-Shirt Size Banquet
1 Donny Leung HK  





  M Yes
2 Mak Kai Yeung HK SMP RaceM TBA TBA 35.180   L Yes
3 Chan Sing Yeung Kenneth HK CWB-TeamA Extreme Strega NYX 2.4G   M Yes
4 Cheng Chung Ming HK MOS Tiger Extreme Extreme Supra 35.160   L Yes
5 Wing Wong HK   Skorpion Vikos   35.180   XL Yes
6 Eric Wong HK CWB-TeamA Extreme Strega Sting     XL Yes
7 Ng Yan Chan HK CWB-TeamB Extreme         L Yes
8 Billy Chau HK   Extreme Demo TBA 72.470   L Yes
9 Alan Lau HK CWB-TeamB Ceres FR3 Strega 2.4G   L Yes
10 Ho Kwok Wai HK CWB-TeamA Ceres FR3 Tanga 2.4G   L Yes


Philip Leung Chun Wai HK CWB-TeamC Vento     2.4G   L Yes
12 Eddie Meester Australia Turn & Burn Ceres Vector F3B Miraj F3F 36.610 36.450 XL Yes


Chad Meester Australia Turn & Burn Ceres Predator   36.450 36.610 M Yes
14 So Kwok Ying, Alex HK MOS Tiger Extreme Strega Demo 35.190 40.770 L Yes
15 Stanley Chan HK SMP FR3 Tanga Ceres 35.100 35.200 XL Yes


Kung Ting Wang Taiwan IASB Ceres AIOLUS   72.210   XL Yes
17 FU HUA CHANG Taiwan   FR3 FR3   35.130   XL Yes
18 KUO PING LIN Taiwan IASB FR3 Strega   72.150   L Yes
19 Ming Tao Lee Taiwan T.M.T AIOLUS V AIOLUS X AIOLUS 3B 2.4G   XL Yes
20 Chang Chang Tai Taiwan Wild Things Ceres Ascot Dingo 41.000   L Yes


Au Chi Fai HK AKFF Ceres Skorpion   40.925   L Yes
22 Cheung Wan Kin HK AKFF FR3 RaceM   34.960   L Yes


Diabo Chang Taiwan Light FR3 ASCOT CERES 3B 35.010   L Yes
24 Rico Lee Taiwan Wild Things FR3 Extreme   35.020   L Yes
25 Tomas Liu Taiwan   Longbow     2.4G   L Yes
26 Joe Sung Taiwan Light FR3 FR3 Skorpion 36.560   XL Yes
27 Pang Yong Wee Singapore Team SG Alliaj HM Strega   72.190   L Yes
28 Dennis Chia Singapore   Alliaj Predator   2.4   XXL Yes
29 TO SHENG-FAN Taiwan   FR3 Ceres   36.590 36.190 L Yes
30 KO FU CHUNG Taiwan Light FR3 Precious   35.110   XXL Yes
31 Tseng Kuo Tung Taiwan Wild Things Dingo Viking   72.130   XL Yes
32 Lee Man HK CWB-TeamB Extreme FR3   2.4G   L Yes
33 Choi Wing Pong HK SMP Ceres RaceM Demo 35.170   L Yes
34 Sheng Hsin Yeh Taiwan T.M.T Ceres Aiolus X Demo 35.080 2.4G L Yes
35 Jonathon Bai Singapore Team SG Cyril Predator Vento 2.4G 72.610 L No
36 Chan Kwok Wai HK GoGoGo Extreme     2.4G   XL Yes
37 Angus Lee HK AKFF RaceM-X Extreme   35.160   L Yes
38 Shu Ching-Min Taiwan T.M.T FR3 Ceres   72.790   XL Yes
39 Hung Tsung Yi Taiwan IASB Tanga Precious   72.710   XXL Yes
40 Lai Kwong Leung HK CWB-TeamC Demo FR3 Vento 2.4G   L Yes
41 Albert Wong HK GoGoGo Scud-X Scud-X   2.4G   L Yes
42 Kim Jin Kab Korea Artis Artist II Artist II   40.770   L Yes
43 Clement Tsang HK CWB-TeamC Viking FR3 Extreme 2.4G   XL Yes
44 Chong Hae-Sok Korea Artis Aris Artist II       M Yes
45 Jeon Im Kil Korea Albatross Artist Acacia   2.4G   M Yes
46 Park Hoosik Korea Albatross Artist Aris Graphiter 2.4G 72.970 M Yes
47 Chang Gi-Seong Korea Artis Artist II Artist II   2.4G   L Yes
48 Joon Lee Korea Jeju Ceres F3F     72.770   M Yes
49 Tae-ho Park Korea Jeju Eso Pro Sparrow       M Yes
50 Son Kwon Sam Korea   Ceres         M Yes
51 Yeung Chak Sang HK MOS tiger Ascot Sring   35.300 35.200 L Yes
52 Yeung Ngai Nang HK   Sting     72.050   L Yes
53 Hiroyuki Sakai Japan   RaceM-X     2.4G   L Yes
54 Han SungHo Korea Albatross Artist     2.4G   XXL Yes
55 KO HO SUK Korea   Aris     2.4G   L Yes
56 Francis Choo Singapore Team SG Skorpion Predator Cyril 2.4G 41.410 M Yes
57 Kim Chang-jong Korea   Artist     72.670   XL Yes
58 Seo Jae Hoon Korea Jeju Viking     2.4G   L Yes
59 Hae Yong Lee Korea   Aris Aris   72.870   L Yes
60 Leung chi sang HK GoGoGo Scud-X Scud-X   2.4G   XL Yes

Please note that the maximum number of pilots in the contest is set at 60.

Note that the 72MHz upper band frequencies (marked in red) are highly not recommended to be used in Hong Kong.

Newly updated frequencies are marked in blue

Visitors Not Participating in Contest