Hong Kong F3F Open
4-6, November 2005

The first Hong Kong F3F Open was held in Ma On Shan east-facing slope from 4 to 6 November 2005. This is the first time we organized an international F3F contest in Hong Kong. There were 21 pilots participating in the race of whom three are from Korea and two from Taiwan. The detailed contest information is given here. Despite of last minute dropouts, late arrivals and marginally wind conditions, the race was successfully completed with 8 rounds of contest. Unlucky, we would say, if the contest was held two days earlier, we would have howling wind through out the contest. Here is a brief account of the race:

Day 1

The weather was fine with consistent wind of 6-8m/s in the morning and it was dropped to about 3-4 m/s in the afternoon. Due to the late arrival of the Korean team only 18 pilots participated in the race in the first day. Henry was the unluckiest guy of the day, his Aris went into a spin after a hard-pull turn! The skin near the wing joint was torn off and it would be out of service for a while. Poor chap, he didn't have a spare plane on site, so no contest for him today! Stanley took the lead and got a 42s in round 0 which was however not counted into the result. Then, in round 1 he got a 50.36s which was soon replaced by a 49.47s by Ah Pong and this record held for the rest of the contest as the wind gradually died down in the next two days! Well done, Ah Pong, and good tactic to win the fastest time award too! Four rounds of contest were completed in the first day with Stanley taking the lead and the fierce-fought second place by Ah Fai..

Day 2

The weather was really hot, 29C with brilliant sunshine! In fact, we believe it was the hottest record in November in history -  the weather God showed no merci to our fellow pilots, all of us got sunburn somehow! The wind was weak and varied between 2 to 4 m/s. The thermal activities were strong.  Bad luck to Lee Joon from Korea, in testing the slope for his first HK flight, his Acacia II plunged into the ground due to the problem of radio interference. Nose cone was damaged and he had to use his teammate's plane for the rest of the contest. Angus got a good start and took round 5. Lee Seung Kuk of Korea claimed round 6 with a 59.50s - really impressive as this is his second flight in HK! Stanley took round 7 by a large margin and Ah Wai took round 8 under marginal wind conditions.. The progress of the race was slowed as the wind speed varied a lot. Finally, only 4 rounds of contest were completed. Again, Stanley continued to take the lead.

Day 3

The air was dead still in the morning. After a pilot briefing in Ma On Shan car park, we decided to move the whole camp to the southern slope in Fei Ngo Shan as the southerly wind was expected to pick up a bit in the afternoon. We arrived there at about 9:30am and found that the wind wasn't there, but there were very strong thermals. So a few pilots pulled out their DLGs and started to play with them. Our Korean guests were good at that too! After about a two-hour wait, the southerly wind was gradually building up to about 2-3 m/s. However, by the time we wanted to set up the course, the road leading to the southern slope was temporary closed by the hiking team with hundred of school kids passing by and it was unknown when it will be opened. So we called a pilot meeting at 12:30pm to decide the next move. After presenting with a few options, the race was unanimously called off and the results from the past two days stand as the final results.


The contest banquet and the award ceremony were held in Star Seafood Restaurant in Shatin. Although the wind was disappointing, we still have a lots of thing to talk about. Good food under a friendly environment marked the enjoyment faces of our fellow pilots and guests. The Korea team were particularly interested in organizing a Korean F3F Open possibly in Cheju Island next year. Wow! wonderful, we would definitely send a HK team there.

The organizer wishes to thank the following sponsors:

Windrider Aviation Co. Ltd
Waigo Model
WindFeel R/C Model
Radar Company Ltd
Stephen Chan
Stanley Chan

Finally, the organizer wishes to thank all the helpers who made this event a success.

Organization: Stanley Chan
Contest Director:  Ken Ma
Treasurer and Chief Judge: Stephen Chan
Contest Equipment: Cheng Chung Ming, Y.C. Lui
Catering: Alex So, Au Chi Fai
Guest Reception: Chester Tai, Henry Chan, and Ken Ma
Contest Support: Pauline, Mrs. Mak
Judge Team: Alexis Lip, Chan Wai Ching, Willy Lim, Lo Po Chung, Vincent, Cheung Pak Sui
                    Tong Kin Man, Ricky Wong, and many more


The results of the race are shown below. For detailed score sheet, click here.


Individual Results

Name Team Model Used Score
Stanley Chan SMP Aris 6808.20
Choi Wing Pong SMP Sting 6334.64
Au Chi Fai AKFF NYX/Sting 6257.43
K.Y. Mak SMP RaceM 6174.56
Chan Kwok Wai SAW New Sting 6152.05
Angus Lee AKFF Aris/AcaciaIII 6148.09
Y.C. Lui Exiles Elita 5855.11
Cheung Wan Kin AKFF RaceM 5849.72
Lo Kwok Wah CrazyGuy NYX 5747.82
Rico Lee Exiles Sting 5651.76
Cheng Chung Ming DFBB Demo/SpiderX 5561.78
So Kwok Ying SAW RaceM 5560.70
Huang San Yi Exiles Scorpion 5448.15
Ho Kwok Wai CrazyGuy MiniNYX 5416.87
Johnson Yeung DFBB Sting 5381.86
Wing Wong DFBB Hypnosis/Bird 5167.51
Allan Yeung SAW Sting/MiniNYX 4919.86
Lee Seung Kuk Xevious AcaciaII 3438.72
Chang Ki Sung Xevious AcaciaII 3082.98
Lee Joon Xevious AcaciaII 3023.87
Henry Chan CrazyGuy MiniNYX 2131.32

Team Results



SMP Stanley Chan Choi Wing Pong K.Y. Mak 19317.40
AKFF Au Chi Fai Angus Lee Cheung Wan Kin 18255.23
Exiles Y.C. Lui Rico Lee Huang San Yi 16955.02
SAW Chan Kwok Wai So Kwok Ying Allan Yeung 16632.61
DFBB Cheng Chung Ming Johnson Yeung Wing Wong 16111.16
CrazyGuy Lo Kwok Wah Ho Kwok Wai Henry Chan 13296.01
Xevious Lee Seung Kuk Chang Ki Sung Lee Joon 9545.57


Sponsored Prizes:

Champion: Breta's 60" Nemesis
2nd Runner-up: Waigo's Electric Glider
3rd Runner-up: Radar's Electric Racer
Fastest Time: WindFeel's V2
Team Award:

Windrider's Bat
Windrider's Bat
Windrider's Easy Pro
Guest Prizes:

WindFeel's V2
Radar's Model
Radar's Model
Waigi's GWS Plane
Waigo's GWS Plane

Photo Album

Stephen is taking a rest after a 20-minute hike with heavy equipment. Well done!

It is not an easy hike up for Stanley due to his age!

Setting up the tent and the CD area

Setting up the Bases

C.M. is happy in setting up the timing gear

This is our high tech F3F equipment built by C.M.

Ken, our CD, is busy in preparing the schedule

Everybody is watching the first demo flight

The Taiwanese team is discussing the best approach to gain height

Johnson is busy preparing his Sting

Ah So's brand-new RaceM has yet to be maidened

Sharp contrast of the contest sticker

Allan is checking the CG of his NYX

Huang San Yi's Scorpion is ready for the fight

Good looking RaceM - but it looks like that the weather is not favorable for this race machine

C.M.'s Demo has footstep marks on it

Ah Kin shows off a victory sign - let's see

Lo Wah is very interested in Ah So' RaceM

Rico Lee and Huang San Yi from Taiwan

Angus's Acacia III is in the ready box

Our CD, Ken Ma and Chief Judge, Stephen

Ah Wai is checking the wind condition

Johnson is helping to launch C.M.'s Demo

Ah Kin seems not so happy with his performance today!

A call for start is issued

San Yi's is helping to launch Rico's Sting

Sting is good for light to moderate wind

Rico is happy with his result

AKFF team seems not a good combination - Angus, why you are not having picture with you teammates?

Ah Fai's powerful launch of NYX

NYX performs reasonably well in moderate wind

Y.C. is helping to launch Mak's RaceM

Mak, take it easy - you are not in Welsh Open, why you still need a mask?

Speedy fly past of RaceM

Lee Seung Kuk and Chang Ki Sung of the Korean Team

The Korean team joined the contest a day later. They performed very well in the second-day contest

Stanley's Aris has a big scar on it

Stanley is so happy with this round result

Ah Kin powerful launch of NYX

Lo Wah is quite new to F3F and but he performed very well - we better watch out for him!

C.M.'s style of F3F is always relaxing

SpiderX is a good light wind F3F model

Pauline is helping us as score keeper

Busy to work out the score sheets

Huang San Yi and his very supportive girl friend, Jamie

Scorpion on a speedy flypass

Good morning! Stephen and Ah So couple camped on site to guard our equipment and planes

The wind is marginal in the second day, so take a rest and enjoy the scenery

Who is the master? In Kung Fu film, the master is always wearing a mask like this!

The black Sting looks aggressive

Ah Wai helps many pilots to launch their planes

Ah So's RaceM looks very sharp on flight

Acacia III seems not suitable for light wind

Have a group photo

Who is the happiest guy in this contest?

Apart from a bit disappointment with insufficient wind in the third day, we are the happiest guys always

See a movie for
Mak's diving flight (36MB), click  here

See a movie of flight of Sting by Rico Lee from Taiwan (34MB), click here


Great! This is the time for enjoyment of good food in a friendly environment

The trophies are made with crystal

The trophy for the Champion is specially designed with a distinct shape of "F", "3" and glider

The fastest time award is also specially designed with a speedy "F" shape

Stanley and Ken are enjoying the banquet food

Guys, what are you discussing about, VR2006?

Cheer up, guys!

Are you ready for the VR2006 Qualify Races to be held later?

Cheers, the Korean friends

Let's start the award ceremony

Ah Fai (right) fought hard to get the 2nd runner-up

Ah Pong (right) gets the 1st runner-up. He is our future star in F3F. He said he practices F3F every night on flight sim!

Stanley (right) is the Champion -well done!

Ah Pong (right) got hold of the opportunity of the strongest wind in the first round in the first day to win the fastest time title - 49.47s only one sub-forty in the whole contest!

Team SMP are the happiest guys today!

The organizer has some souvenirs given to the Korean team

The Taiwanese team received some souvenirs

Lee Seung Kuk of Korea (right) expresses his wish in organizing international F3F races in Korea in the years to come - definitely HK will send a team

Rico Lee of Taiwan also invites the HK team to join the races in Taiwan

Mr. Lee from China (right), who was once a national F3B champion, was invited as an observer to our F3F contest. He said slope soaring is not yet popular in China and expresses his will to develop F3F in China

The Korean team enjoy their stay in Hong Kong, in particular, the hospitality offered by our helpers

Have a group photo with our guests and sponsors

Thank you all. Cheers to our professional helpers!

Smiles from the winning pilots