60" F3F Slope Race in Ma On Shan
3 February  2008


Weather forecast for the day is north to northeast, so the venue will be Hung Fai Leng (Robin's Nest) north slope


In order to encourage more r/c pilots joining the F3F competition, the Hong Kong Radio Control Soaring Society is organizing a 60" F3F slope race to be held on Sunday, 3 February 2008 in the east-facing slope of Ma On Shan (near Ngong Ping).  This race is limited to 60" planes who may have disadvantages in a conventional F3F race. The rule of this is same as conventional F3F only the wing spans of the competing planes are limited to 60".  All are welcome!


The F3F class slope race is a FAI sanctioned race based on speed timing for r/c slope gliders. Please see the F3F Rules. The flying task of F3F is to fly 1000 meters on a closed speed course of 100 meters in the shortest possible time. Here is the detailed information for the race:

Contest: 60" F3F slope soaring race
3 February, 2008 (Sunday)
Time: Pilot briefing at 9:30am. Contest started at 10:00am
Venue: Ma On Shan East Facing Slope (please see the map and driving direction below)
Registration: On site
Fee: $20 (member), $40 non-member
CD: Au Chi Fai
Prizes: to be announced

* we will meet in the car park in the BBQ ground at 9:00am. It takes about 30 minutes to walk up to the flying site along a relatively easy mountain trail.

The final venue for holding the race may be changed if the wind direction is not in favor. Also if the wind speed is less than scale 2, we would choose to hold the handlaunch glider contest instead (please see Hand/Discus Launch Glider Thermal Duration Contest for details)  Please check out the final announce the night before.


Come and join us for a day of fun!


Map of Ma On Shan East-Facing Slope in Ngon Ping

Driving Direction: At the roundabout before entering Ma On Shan town, turn to the direction of Ma On Shan Village. The road is leading up to the BBQ ground (blue route in the map above). Drive pass the BBQ ground and cross a bridge. Then go straight at the T-junction and drive all the way up after a 180 degree turn. You may go further up a bit at the end of the road. There is a large flat area for you to park your car. Pick up your equipment and walk up the hill along a mountain trail.

Zoom in map showing the road leading up to the parking area