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Hong Kong F3F League 2016 Match 9 - July 17, 2016

The 9th match was held in Kin Ma Leng on 17th of July. Kin Ma Leng is a south-west facing slope. It is also an inland slope that thermal conributes part of the lift. Experienced pilots know the lift in KML is dead in early morning so the official start time was postponed to 10:00am. Even with that, the competition had to be delayed to about 11 before the wind was strong enough to start. The first round started in a marginal condition, with ocassional re-flights due to bad wind. Still, the condition was not yet built up and the round was interrupted, resulting in group scoring. The second group is where the power of thermal shows off! Donny took the opportunity of the first wave of strong lift and made a stunning time of 49.20sec, compared to the fastest of 67.10sec in the first group by Kenneth Chan. An 18 seconds difference!

Although the thermal makes up part of the lift in Kin Ma Leng, it is not much a "thermal lottery" than the other inlands. When the condition becomes stable in the afternoon, it makes a steady wind that even out the thermal influence. The flying time became better and better then. 6 rounds were successfully run and the fastest was made in round 5. Tuba Wong's 45.86sec was the fastest of the day, while CM Cheng was the first one to quit ... after he was too excited about the good condition and flew his Midi to the ground in round 3! Donny continued to lead the score board after round 3 and got the champion title. The second place is Tuba Wong and the third is Wing Wong. Wing, being one of the unfortunate 2nd group pilots (because of Donny's 49 sec ... ! ), was the 16th in round 1. Calm of mind and well trained skill steadily moved his place up to the 3rd. Good job!

Thanks to the CD team Philip Leung, Wing Wong and Angus Lee who ran the competition smoothly in the difficult condition. It is really hot in the July of Hong Kong!

Report by CM Cheng.

Results can be downloaded here: 20160717 KML.xls

Results(click to enlarge)

Ranking chart(click to enlarge)

Philip was the CD of the day.

The gentle inland slope of Kin Ma Leng.

Here comes Donny, the champion of the day!

Angus is flying his Freestyler 4.

Chan Kwok Wai and his Secret.

Philip has a little electric fan to keep him cool!

Base A.

Emergency repairing of the timer.

Calculate for group scoring.

The winners, form the left: Tuba Wong (1st runner-up and the fastest time),
Donny Leung (Champion) and Wing Wong (2nd runner-up)

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