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Hong Kong F3F League 2016 Match 7 - May 29, 2016

The 7th match started with the weather of  uncertainty! The wind direction suggested the Southerly slope at Tsz Wan Shan. Tsz Wan Shan produces very strong lift but it could be covered when the cloud is low, and is hard to find shelter when it is raining - both were the cases of the day. On the other hand, some pilots went to Kin Ma Leng to check the condition too. At about 9 to 10am the sky at Tsz Wan Shan openned a little and seems it was good to start. CD then announced Tsz Wan Shan to be the competition location. Just when the pilots arrived, including those from the far end at Kin Ma Leng, it rained and the top was totally covered. This is F3F! Finallly, CD decided to give Kin Ma Leng a try for its lower altitude that is more tolerable to bad weather, and the competition started at about 11am. The weather was fine afterward and 17 pilots completed 8 rounds. The winners are Tuba Wong (Champion), Ken Ko (1st runner-up), Leung Chi Sang (2nd runner-up) and the fastest time was 42.82sec made by Stanley Chan.

Report by CM Cheng.

Results can be downloaded here: 20160529 KML.xls

Results(click to enlarge)

Ranking chart(click to enlarge)

Photos by Stanley Chan and Leung Chi Sang:

One of the advantage of Kin Ma Leng is that you can park close to the slope. In case it is raining
 you can go back to the car quickly.

Our CD is Lai Kwong Leung. It was a difficult day for the CD. Thank you for all the works!

Cheung Wan Kin is back!

From the left: Stanley Chan (Fastest time), Leung Chi Sang (2nd runner-up),
Tuba Wong (Champion) and Ken Ko (1st runner-up)

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