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Hong Kong F3F League 2015 - November 8, 2015

The 11th match was successfully held on the 8th of November in Ma On Shan. The wind was varying between weak and moderate over the day. Round 9 was interrupted when the wind was again becoming too weak, and after agreed with all the competitors the CD called it a day at 4:40pm. Only 8 rounds were officially completed.

There were 22 pilots joined and some of them were old faces. Welcome back to the slope, Kenneth Chan, Choi Wing Pong and Chan Kwok Wai! The competition was started at about 8:30 in the morning. Wind was about 4 to 7m/s but then gradually dropped to about 3 to 4 in the afternoon. There was a few short waitings for the wind in the afternoon but generally the condition was not too bad. Actually the paragliders that hung around in the weak wind caused most of the interference.

Master Chan Kwok Wai has his new Scud-X maiden in the first round and proved not to be a good idea! It crashed in the first round due to a bad setup. He adjusted the plane round after round, with two more un-expected landings he finally had his plane tuned-in. A good start for the next match! CM Cheng also has his new Rotmilan-Midi maiden in the first round, but with Mr. Pierre Rondol's suggested setup the plane flew rock solid right in her first flight! The Midi was proved to be a good contender when Li Man won the game with a Champion title. This is also her first time in a competition in Hong Kong. Sunny Tse's consistant performance and the 46.47sec in round 2 granted him both the 2nd runner-up and Fastest time title. Kenneth Chan was the 1st runner-up, not bad after retired for months! Congratuations to all the winners!!

Thanks for the team, Philip Leung, Wing Wong and Au Chi Fai for running the match smoothly. Also thanks Lai Kwong Leung who made those beautiful and lovely trophies!

Reported by CM Cheng.

Results can be downloaded here: 20151108.xls

Results(click to enlarge)

Top 10 ranking chart(click to enlarge)

Checking everything is good.

Final preparing of Stanley's Shinto.

Chan Kwok Wai's Scud-X. Hard to believe it can survive to the last round after 3 crashes!

Long Time No See, Pong-pong!

Ah Pong was flying Stanley's Freestyler after he had his Strega damaged in a landing.

Powerful launch by Chan Kwok Wai.

It is Sunny's little dog. Called Piano.

Jerryfish again.

Lai Kwong Leung makes the trophies of each competition. This time we have a very special Jeju version after the team Hong Kong finished the Typhoon Race in Jeju, Korea. Thanks Lai!

Philip Leung is the CD today.

Kenneth Chan

Li Man is very happy with his new Rotmilan Midi.

Un-mistakable Rotmilan pattern.

Also un-mistakable Shinto pattern.

Another great day of flying!

From the left: Sunny Tse: 2nd Runner-up and Fastest time. Li Man: Champion, and Kenneth Chan: 1st Runner-up.

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