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Hong Kong F3F League 2014 Match 8
August 17, 2014

Report by CM Cheng:

The 8th match of the Hong Kong F3F League 2014 was held in Kin Ma Leng on August 17th. CD was Ray Leung and helpers were Lai Kwong Leung and Ken Ko. Wind is usually not very good in the summer morning and forecast of the day was not good too. Ray decided to delay the start time to 10:00am. We still had to wait for the wind and the competition was finally started at 10:45am.

The wind in the first round just reached the standard and there were some reflights. Fortunately the condition was getting a little better later and the competetion ran smoothly. Wind was about 3 to 5m/s and there were thermal influence. Wing Wong's week after week practice starts to pay off! This is his second Champion in 2014  after winning in the 7th match. Congratulations! Leung Chi Sang, who is preparing the World Cup competition to be held in Slovakia in this September, is in his high mood and got both the second place and the fastest time title. As usual, Ken Ko always likes to give us a surprise! He started at the 14th place in round 1, but ended up the third place in the 5th and also the last round!

There were total 22 pilots joined the competition and it ended at about 4:30pm. Wind was calm to moderate South Westerly in the hot summer day. The fastest time made was Leung Chi Sang's 49.06 seconds. The most spectacular of the day, however, was Philip Leung forgot to turn on the receiver and let go his Alliaj! "Ooh, got a one way ticket to the blues", Alliaj thought ... But the head wind turned the well trimmed Alliaj back and after turning a few big circles it landed safe on the slope. Maybe next time, Alliaj!

Download the results here.

Results (click to enlarge)

Philip nearly lost his Alliaj by forgetting to switch on the receiver.

Summer time in Kin Ma Leng.

Ascot and the summer cumulus.

Wing's beautiful Pike Precision, his weapon to the Champion!

Li Man and his Stinger.


From the left: Ken Ko (2nd runner-up), Wing Wong (Champion) and
Leung Chi Sang (1st runner-up and the fastest time).

Another good flying day. See you next time!

An interesting time lapse video of the day by Lai Kwong Leung.

An aerial video of the competition by Stanley Chan.

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