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Hong Kong F3F League 2014 Match 3
April 6, 2014

Report by CM Cheng:

The 3rd match of league 2014 was held on the 6th of April in 2014. Weather forecast was that it would deteriorate in the late of the day. When we arrived the car park at Ma On Shan the top was already covered with cloud. Fortunately it was not thick and after waiting for some time our CD Tuba Wong decided to give it a try. His decision was proved to be right. When we got to the top we found the condition was not bad. Except some occasionally light rain, the cloud bottom was high enough for competition. The wind was not bad too. Having the field set up, the competition started at 9:00am.

Total 18 pilots joined the competition. The wind was about 8m/s at the start but a little coming from the north too. Together with the wet air the times were not very good. Stanley first took round 1 with a 52 seconds. The wind turned to the right direction after round 3 and many pilots can enter the 40's range. Stanley continued to lead the race until round 5 that Leung Chi Sang made a stunning 43.44 seconds which also offered him the fastest time title.

Rain was on and off throughout the race but it was light and the competition was not affected until the heavy rain in round 6. Since forecast showed that there will be heavy rain coming, CD decided to end the competition and round 6 was discarded. The competition ended at 12:00pm. Total 5 rounds were flown. Champion was Stanley Chan. 1st runner up was Philip Leung. Leung Chi Sang took both the 2nd runner up and fastest time titles.

Download the results here.

Results (click to enlarge)

Au Chi Fai flew the Secret.

CD was Tuba Wong. Co-CD was Kenneth Chan and Li Man was the helper. Kenneth said he didn't like to fly in bad weather so he simply left his plane in the car and quited this match!

Leung Chi Wa helped KY Mak to launch his old trusty Aris.

Mak, what made you so happy?!

Launch queue . . .

Mak and Aris.

It was actually a powerful launch by Leung Chi Wa, only the photographer (me, LOL) can't capture the moment.

Philip and his Alliaj HM.

Johnson (left) handed his Pike to Wing for take off. but...

... hey, Johnson, do you know that one of your rudders is off center?

This is CM Lau, the only guy who've got a penalty in this match! What did he do? Well, he flew his plane into the annemometer pole and broke it into pieces. He should be penalized $100 in addition to the 100 points! HA!!

Au Chi Fai.

Johnson and his Pike Precision.

(Because of the rain we had to leave fast and so there was no photo taken for the winners)

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