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Hong Kong F3F League 2014 Match 1
January 26, 2014

Report by CM Cheng:

The first league competition in 2014 was successfully held in Ma On Shan on the 26th of January, 2014. 23 pilots joined and 8 rounds were run. The weather was fine in the morning, just lack of some good wind... The competition was started at 10:40am. There were interruptions due to bad wind condition but overall the competition ran smoothly and times were around 60s or 50s with some 40s. The "nice" weather continued until round 5. Windguru's forecast was pinpoint accurate! The strong Easterly arrived at 2pm. Temperature dropped, air turned misty and the wind was exciting! Wind kept at 10m/s and above, sometimes reached 15m/s. CM Cheng took the first sub-40 of the day. Kenneth Chan then push the limit to 36.80sec which was also the fastest of the day. Unfortunately, Stanley's Crossfire seems to have serious structual defect. Its wings fluttered vigorously in high speed and have to abandon the flight, which costed him a DNF. The condition was a little gentle in round 6, 7 and 8. The competition ended at about 4:15pm. The Champion is Kenneth Chan, who also took the fastest time title. 1st and 2nd runner ups were Ho Kwok Wai and Philip Leung.

Download the results here.

Results (click to enlarge)

It was warm and fine in the morning, but Dennis Chan still put on his lucky jacket!


Johnson was the Co-CD of the day.

Donny is preparing his Vampire.

Ah Wa took the 4th place. He is the black horse of 2014.

Allan Yeung and his Ascot.

Alex Yeung's first official competition.

Ray Leung is a gentleman on the ground. While in the air, better stay away from him!!

Li Man lost his plane after a midair with Alex. So sad!

Kenneth Chan

Lai Kwong Leung and Ray Leung's Rotmilan.

The winners: from the left, Philip Leung (2nd runner up), Kenneth Chan (Champion and Fastest time)
and Ho Kwok Wai (1st runner up)

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