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Hong Kong F3F League 2012 June Match
June 10, 2012

After months of bad weather we finally have a race successfully completed in June! The sixth match of F3F league in 2012 was held on June 10. Wind Guru forecasted raining in the morning and it was another time it proved its accuracy! CD Lai Kwong Leung decided to delay the starting time to 10:00am after the major rain patches passed. However, the first round was still interrupted two times by the rain, and need group scoring for it. Neverhteless, the condition was getting better and better. No more rain in the afternoon and the wind speed increased from 4~6m/s to 10m/s. 24 pilots completed 7 rounds of race. The game ended at about five. 24 happy faces, many hard landings, some crashes and one slope record made. What a great day!

Wind was south westerly and the flying site was Kin Ma Leng. Sunny got the chance of a good lift in round 3 and revised the slope record with a 39.67 run. This is also his first sub-40. Congratulations! With the better condition in the afternoon, the others were also getting better results.

Probably due to the lack of flying practice, added with the rough landing condition of burnt grass, there were many accidents. Clement crashed not once but twice. Totalled his two planes he had to quit the game! CM Cheng flew straight into the mother Earth at a high speed. He wished he had brought with a bag to collect all the parts and wrecks. . .

The game finally ended with Stanley Chan took the Champion with his good flying throughout. 1st and 2nd runner up were KY Mak and Angus Lee. Fastest time was Sunny Tse. Congratulations to all the winners!

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Result (click to enlarge)

Thanks for Albert's shade, we had a shelter for the heavy rain in the morning!

Our CD was Lai Kwong Leung

Uncle Wan Kin was concentrate in controlling his Ceres.

Congratulations to Sunny! He broke the slope record of Kin Ma Leng and joined the sub-40 club!

Kolosun was flying his Secret.

Ray Leung was the Co-CD.

See the happy faces!

These beautiful trophies were hand made by Lai Kwong Leung. Beautiful!

The winners:(From the left)
Fastest time - Sunny Tse
Champion - Stanley Chan
1st runner up - KY Mak
2nd runner up - Angus Lee