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Hong Kong F3F League 2011 November Match
November 13, 2011

The 11th league of 2011 was held in High Junk Peak on November 13. The competition started at about 8:30am and end at 5:15pm. 24 pilots joined.

The north-easterly was about 3 to 4 m/s in the morning. It was weak but the competition was still able to run, though it was a big contrast to the pilots who had just returned from the Typhoon race! Nevertheless, when Clement finished with 55.72 sec in round 1, he may not realize that it was already the best time of the day!

Wind was getting weaker and in round 2 there were many re-filghts, making the competition progressed slowly. After many reflights for the bad condition, Stanley launched his model with the transmitter power switch still at the "OFF" position!  Fortunately it only costed him a DNF. His model landed nicely on the bush, suffering only a very minor damage.

In the mid of round 3 the wind finally dropped to zero. When everyone was wondering if the competition had to be called off, the wind was back after 30 minutes but blowing from south-east! Chan Kwok Wai suggested changing to a newly found SE slope at the other side of High Junk Peak. All agreed.

The new south-east flying site was at the other side of High Junk Peak, facing the Clear Water Bay. The scene there is fantastic. It is sure a good site for scale flying! The ridge is straight for F3F track set up. However, due to the trees on the slope (one of the arguable policies of the HK government), there is not much space to accomodate the pilots. The pilot has to control his model at base B if he don't want to take the risk to walk to the landing area by the dangerous trail.

Round 3 was restarted at the new south east flying site. Wind was not too weak in the beginning. At round 4, however, the wind speed was dropping again. Fortunately the competition was able to complete with 4 rounds before the wind condition was too bad. The winners were Kenneth Chan (Champion), Au Chi Fai (First runner up) and Chan Kwok Wai (Second runner up). Clement Tsang was the fastest with his 55.72sec made in Round 1. We also have a new site record: High Junk Peak south-east slope by Cheung Wan Kin (58.39sec).


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Result (Click to enlarge)

High Junk Peak 1
Round 1 and 2 were at High Junk Peak.

High Junk Peak 2

High Junk Peak 3
Albert is doing a quick fix after Predator 3 crash landed.

High Junk Peak 4
Wan Kin is the CD.

High Junk Peak 5
Nice Weather, but not nice for F3F . . .

High Junk Peak 6
Stanley is recovering his FreeStyler 3. He forgot to turn on the transmitter in an attempt!

High Junk Peak 7
See the wind speed. In round 2 the wind was even weaker.

High Junk Peak 8

High Junk Peak 9

SE 1
The new South-East flying site at High Junk Peak.

SE 2

SE 3

SE 4
Panorama view (Click to enlarge)

SE 5
Panorama view (Click to enlarge)

Champion: Kenneth Chan

1st Runner up
1st runner up: Au Chi Fai

2nd Runner up
2nd runner up: Chan Kwok Wai

Fastest time
Fastest time: Clement Tsang

The winners

Finally, we can complete league 11 :)  (Click to enlarge)