2009 Hong Kong F3F League - Match 9
Ma On Shan, September 20, 2009

The ninth match for the 2009 Hong Kong F3F league was held successfully on Sunday, 20 September 2009 in Ma On Shan east-facing slope. Although, the weather forecast predicted easterly wind, it won't pick up until 11:00am. So, our CD called for late start at 11:00am. Most pilots arrived before 11am and found out that the wind was indeed easterly but rather weak. By the tine of 11:50am, it reached the magnitude just sufficient to kick off the race. The day was cloudy and wet with occasion sunshine. A total of 14 pilots joined the race. The first round was really slow with a few re-flights. Ah Wing took the first round using his brand new Vikos. It seems that Vikos is highly competitive in weak and moderate wind condition. The wind improved a bit in the second round and some pilots were already anxious to add ballast. But wait, it's not yet! Some regretted that after their flights. We even seen some spectacular low-flying recovering missions! Fortunately no major incidents happened. The wind finally started to pick up after 2:30pm in the third round. Stanley took this opportunity to get the first sub sixty to win the third round. The wind was the strongest at about 6 to 7 m/s at 3:30pm and Ah Mak took the forth round with a 50.06s which granted him the speedy man title.  The wind died down a bit afterward but consistent well above 4 m/s for us to run the contest smoothly. Ah Pong, although well behind in the first 4 rounds, suddenly seemed to be charged up and got a 51.77s run in the fifth round which was well ahead of the others, this enabled him to jump from the seventh position to the third. Stanley performed consistently good to grab round 6 and 7 to win the championship. Ah Mak got the 1st runner up and Ah Pong defended and got his 2nd runner up. Donny, Air Con. Wai and Ah Wing all did very well in the competition and only marginally lose to Ah Pong by a few marks, well done! Fat Fai was the worst bad luck guy of the day. His Skorpion seemed to be not so happy after the turns and started to go wild a few times. He crashed his Skorpion two times and was out of action, poor guy! Congratulation to all winners! The summary of the score table is shown below, for details, please check the score sheet.


The contest was ready to start

Wind speed was marginal at around 3m/s

Donny flew very well today

Donny's Skorpion on a speedy flypass

Kolosun is a new comer to F3F

Oh! Landing incident with a broken head

Kolowai was ready to launch his NewSting by his own

Bad luck was surrounding Fat Fai today!

The 2nd runner-up prize went to Ah Pong

The 1st runner-up prize went to Ah Mak

Stanley was the champion

Ah Mak won the speedy man title with a 50.06s

Congratulation to the winners!

A group photo after the race, cheers!