2010 Hong Kong F3F League - Match 2
Ma On Shan, February 21, 2010

The second match for the 2010 Hong Kong F3F league was held successfully on Sunday, 21 February 2010 in the east-facing slope of Ma On Shan. The weather forecast the day before was not that promising with heavy fog and rain. Fortunately, the sky cleared up in the morning and moderate easterly wind was blowing consistently all day. The measured average wind speed was about 6 m/s occasionally rising up to 8m/s or falling down to 4m/s. A total of 23 pilots joined the contest.  The race was started at 9:55am and completed with 6 rounds  of contest at about 4:15pm. The running of the contest was a bit slow as we needed to wait for a pilot to walk away from the launch area before the next pilot can launch. Also, there were many disruptions caused by paragliders entering into our race track during the high peak time in the afternoon. In this crowd airspace, the flying environment was accident-prone. Just at the start of round 5 at about 2:50pm, a serious accident involving a collision between a paraglider and  a model plane happened. Very lucky, there was no human injury, and only a model plane was badly damaged after the crash. After a half-hour pause and the recovery of the damaged model plane, we decided to continue the race for the fifth and last round. Dialogue with the paraglider pilots about the incident was established in the end of the race to try to check out the condition between the two parties and to discuss ways to avoid further incident in the future.

After 5 rounds of tense competition, the winner is C.M., followed by Stanley and AC Wai. C.M. also grabbed the title of speedy man with 43.81s fast run.  Congratulation to all winners! The summary of the score table is shown below, for details, please check the score sheet.


Fat Fai is helping to launch a Skorpion

Ah Mak shows us how to launch a plane properly

Kenneth is checking his NYX  in preparation for launch

Ah Wah is ready to launch his Scud missile

Fat Fai seems not so happy with his run this time

Alan is helping AC Wai to prepare his Ceres

Ah Wing is ready for the launch

Why Eric is starring at AC Wai? A tense competition among them

Fat Fai is helping to launch Ah Wing's Vikos

AC Wai  is confident in getting good score in this run

There were so many paragliders popped into our race track causing many disruption

Eric has "no feel" today!

AC Wai won the 2nd runner-up prize

Stanley won the 1st runner-up prize

C.M.  is the champion

and the speedy man with a fast run of 43.81s

Ok, simile the winners

Group photo after the race