2010 Hong Kong F3F League - Match 11
Ma On Shan,  November 14, 2010

The eleven match for the 2010 Hong Kong F3F league was held successfully on Sunday, 14 November 2010 in Ma On Shan east-facing slope. The weather forecast for the day was moderate east to northeasterly wind. Indeed, it was one of the best condition we had in the whole year, thanks God! Wind speed in the early morning was averaged at 10m/s but dropping to 4m/s at 11am and backed up to 9m/s again in the afternoon. The sky was clear and the temperature was pleasant for us to enjoy a day out on the slope, sure, we were more than happy.  Anyway, there were a total of 26 pilots joining the race which was started at 8:45am and ended at 4:45pm. Ten rounds of contest were conducted with many sub-forties. Again, Kenneth, who was known to always jump out fast from the gate, took the lead in the first round with a stunning 36.57s. Indeed, this record was firmly held over the day. Certainly, this is also the fastest speed so far we have in year 2010 league races suppressing a record of 39.88s held by Uncle Chan since April. Of course, Uncle Chan was a bit disappointed but otherwise happy to relieve from the burden of being a target for so long! In the first round, there was a  misfortune that Sai Man crashed his plane while steering it in highspeed closed to ground, apart from costing him a DNF, surprisingly enough his plane was  undamaged. Same misfortune went to Donny as he crashed his model in the second round in similar cause. In second round, Stanley managed to fly his Straga to get the second sub-forty of 39.01s closely followed by another sub-forty of 39.80s by Ah Kin. In the third round, however, his Straga's left flap servo was malfunction after launch forcing him almost to abort, finally he managed to complete the course with the left flap down all the time and surprisingly still got a reasonable 50.84s! In the second half of round three, the wind was varying and occasionally dropping to 5m/s. A.C. did very well with 42.91s to grab a full score. The wind backed up again in the second half of round 4, and Angus grabbed the chance to take this round with a 42.50s. Round 5 saw the wind got back to 9m/s and blew steadily for the rest of the contest, so everybody most less had the same wind condition and their skills were the true competitive factors in the contest. However, still, 4 consecutive pilots in the order table, including Uncle Chan, Fat Fai, Donny and Ah Mak, did enjoy a sudden increase in wind speed and all got sub-forties in round 5! Donny was particularly happy because he got a 1000 score with a 37.78s run, which is not only his personal best but his first sub-forty, congratulation! Nevertheless, round 5 was a disaster for Angus, he got a penalty flying across the safety line. Round 6 was a tight match and Ah Mak took the lead with a 39.26s. Stanley came back in round 7 and took a lead by a large margin with a 38.65s. A.C. performed a high-precision stunning run with a 38.29s in round 8. His turns were so accurate that was amazing to watch at base point. Ah Mak, Stanley and Angus were alternatively in the top three positions since, and the last two rounds would be decisive though. Kenneth was falling behind since round one and worked really hard to fight back in the last two rounds, which ultimately grant him a 1000 score both in round 9 and round 10, but it was too late and his ranking was just raised to the fifth place after AC Wai.. Round 10 was indeed decisive, so finally Stanley managed to grab the champion title by only a small margin. Ah Mak got the 1st runner-up prize and Angus was able to retain a 2nd runner-up prize. Actually, if he didn't have a penalty in round 5, he would have been the second place in the ranking table. The best speed award went to Kenneth for his 36.57s run. Congratulation to all winners! The summary of the score table is shown below, for details, please check the score sheet.



Wow! good wind today!

Ha ha, we are so happy guys

CD Ah Kin was smiling for what?

Enjoy the food with friendly discussion before the contest

Let's take a photo before the contest

Kenneth was ready to start the first flight

Kolosun was so happy for helping to launch

DC Wai is in control

Eric was ready to launch

Ken28 was ready for action

Get ready for the flight

What strategy Ah Mak was thinking to use?

Battery power gone, emergency repair

"I am not lazy, forgive me about my fault as CD" said Ah Kin

C.M. was adapting to a new flying style - no bad!

Johnson was thinking what strategy to use, 15-16

AC was so happy because he just flew a 38.29s

Ah Kin was helping to launch Ah Pong's Ceres - never thought you will do it again!

Eric was ready to launch for Uncle Chan

What are you doing, Ah Kin? Disguising...

60" MiniNYX was ready for action

Lee Man was still happy although he was flying a 60" MiniNYX

Freestyler speedy flew pass

Ah Mak's Freestyler was in action

At base B

Accurate! Who plane is it?

Fat Fai was launching Kin's Ceres

DC Wai is the best launcher

Extreme in action!

Fat Fai's Ceres was on a speedy course

DC is the best launcher

Really quiet in the background when Ah Pong was in action, why?

Watching for Eric's flight

AC was so happy with his Ceres

Angus won the bronze medal.

Ah Mak was so happy to get a silver medal

A hard fight for Stanley, champion of the day

Kenneth won the speedy man title with a stunning 36.57s

Group photo for the winners

A group photo, cheers!