2010 Hong Kong F3F League - Match 4
Leung King,  April 11, 2010

The forth match for the 2010 Hong Kong F3F league was held successfully on Sunday, 11 April 2010 in the upper southeast-facing slope in Leung King. The weather forecast for the day was sunshine and moderate south-to-southeasterly wind with early morning mist.  But, by the early morning the fog was so dense that it was certainly not possible for holding contest in Fei Ngo Shan even though the fog was expected to clear up in late afternoon. Our brave CD decided that we better go to Leung King to try the upper slope which is suitable for south-to-southeasterly wind and most importantly,  this part of the territory is relatively fog free. Most pilots converged to the Leung King slope at about 9:00am and discovered that the fog there was pretty heavy, a bit disappointed but it didn't stop them for the waiting game because  the fog was predicted to be cleared up soon. After two hours of waiting, the sky finally cleared up and everybody was mobilized to move up to the newly discovered upper slope as quick as possible. With tremendous and coordinated effort, the race was officially started at 12:05pm with 27 pilots on the race table. The wind speed was consistent at an average of 6 to 7 m/s through out the whole contest. This new site seems to be a good slope for achieving fast times. However, landing is a big problem! Pilots need to walk 70m across a rough terrain to land their planes although the landing location has good grass cushion. As a result, there were some casualties, in particular, Donny lose slight of his brand new Strega which eventually went down and decomposed into many pieces. C.M., almost lose his plane when it went into the cloud for just a flash of second. Lucky enough, it was spotted at the back side and steered to a safe/happy landing. Another unfortunate pilot is Kolowai, his Demo went straight at the rock in full speed during a speedy run! Apart from all these misfortunes,  the race was uneventful, many pilots have good timings in the 4x. The most stunning run was in the second round by Uncle Chan who flew his Extreme with extreme accuracy and speed to create a speed record of 39.88s for this new slope, the only sub-forty in the contest! Ah Kin flew his new RaceM with highspeed in  many rounds and finally took the champion title. Ah Pong was able to surpass Stanley to get the 1st runner-up prize. Stanley was in the second place throughout until the last round that finally dropped to the third place after Ah Pong. Overall, the contest was a tough and challenging one, but all participating pilots were happier after a day of intense contest. Congratulation to all winners! The summary of the score table is shown below, for details, please check the score sheet.


Leung King upper slope is a newly discovered slope suitable for southeasterly wind.

It's rare to see so many F3F flyers up on the mountain for a contest  like this

Eric and Ah Keung were discussing ways to improve their timings

Two hungry chaps were having lunch between their runs

Ah Kin shows interest in this Strega

AC Wai was on the run and everybody is watching

Oh! Poor Donny, he crashed his brand new Stega after loosing sight of it on the way to landing

Eric's Strega was tuned to the optimum condition

Ah Wah was preparing his Vento just before his launch

Kolowai was launching his Demo just before the fatal run which resulted in the total destruction of his Demo

Stanley won the 2nd runner-up prize

Ah Pong faught hard to win the 1st runner-up prize

Ah Kin was the champion today

Uncle Chan won the speedy man title with a Leung King slope record of 39.88s

A group photo for the winners, smile!

A group photo for all happy F3F flyers!

Some movies for this contest

阿麥 44.25秒
阿堅 45.28秒
Philips 47.74秒
Philips 55.52秒
Albert 50.17秒
高佬偉 51.39秒
C.M. 44.64秒
Alan Lau 51.62秒
Eric 45.79秒
Angus 47.29秒
小廣 52.30秒
冷氣 51.35秒
阿權 56.36秒
肥輝 49.57秒
燦長老 50.29秒
Johnson 56.10秒
Billy 54.05秒
Allan Yeung 58.21秒
阿華 52.86秒
阿麥 42.80秒
阿堅 40.96秒
肥輝 45.54秒