2010 Hong Kong F3F League - Match 3
Leung King,  March 14, 2010

The third match for the 2010 Hong Kong F3F league was held successfully on Sunday, 14 March 2010 in the southeast-facing slope in Leung King. The weather forecast the day before was misty with moderate southeasterly wind. C.M. was the CD and he has made the decision to hold the race in Fei Ngo Shan south-facing slope a night before, but we knew that the fog would be a major challenge on high ground. C.M. got up very earlier in the morning to arrive at Fei Ngo Shan at 7:30am but it was so disappointed that a dense fog covered the whole mountain top with visibility so low that even driving was hazard. Probes were immediately sent off to Robin's Nest and Leung King to check for the possibility of holding race there. At 9:15am, report from Leung King arrived that the site was clear of fog and most importantly strong wind was heading straight towards the slope, wonderful! Pilots waiting up in the mountain were quickly relocated to Leung King after a 40 minute drive. The contest was finally kicked started at 11:30am with 19 pilots in the score table after a briefing with detailed explanation/demonstration on the landing procedure.  The wind was consistent all day with average speed at around 6 m/s. Landing in Leung King was quite challenging not only because the landing spot was so small, 20mx20m, but also there were small scattered rocks around which may induce minor damage to the landing plane even though it is a good landing. Lee Man's brand new Extreme was the first casualty whose was hit by a small rock during a good landing, Philip, Kevin were the next. Fortunately, the damages were relatively minor and they were still able to fly with their damaged planes. Stanley took the first round with a 54.56s, a big margin from the others, so complaints were raised by fellow pilots whether he should be bared from joining future F3F contests because others would not have a chance to win, just joking, isn't it?  Although with a poor start in the first round, Ah Pong was happy to win the second round. Stanley, Ah Mak and Ah Pong took the subsequent  rounds in turn. Until round 6, the coin flipped to other side, Lee Man took round 6 with a 52.49s, AC Wai swung his Ceres perfectly to get a stunning 45.63s in round 7. Even Ah Keung was heated up with a highspeed swing of his Extreme to get a 51.1s to win round 8, amazing! The contest drew to a close at 5:10pm with 8 rounds completed. The winner was Stanley, followed by Ah Mak and Lee Man. AC Wai.took speedy man title and kept the best speed record for Leung King slope.  Congratulation to all winners! The summary of the score table is shown below, for details, please check the score sheet.


Leung King southeasterly slope is located in  the west part of Hong Kong which is drier and therefore comparatively less fog

Preparing the models for the contest

One, two, three, go!

Kolowai was helping to launch Donny's Extreme

Ah Mak was so happy with this round score

Kolosun was on the run with his Scud-X

Alan's beautiful Ceres was on a speedy run

Ooh! Philips brand new Ventos got a minor damage when his model flipped over during landing

Demo and Ceres are good companion for F3F racing

Lee  Man, 2nd runner-up prize winner, was so happy that he got the first trophy from official F3F race

With full support from his other half, Ah Mak was so happy to win the 1st runner up prize

Stanley was the champion today. Oh no, not again!

AC Wai was the speedy man with stunning 45.63s. He said he had a feel after swinging his Ceres to high speed!

Congratulation to the winners, well done!

A group photo after the race, cheers!