2011 Hong Kong F3F League - Match 3
Leung King Upper Slope, March 13, 2011

The third match for the 2011 Hong Kong F3F league was held successfully on Sunday, 13 March 2011 in Leung King Upper Slope. The weather forecast for the day was actually very disappointing pointing to no wind in the morning and only 3 meter southeasterly wind in the afternoon .Anyway, this didn't deter 26 diehard F3F pilots who arrived at the Leung King Upper Slope early in the morning. Although wind speed was virtually zero, CD and helpers immediately setup the course once they arrived at the slope at 8am. Other pilots arrived gradually later. They all knew a waiting game is unavoidable! However, according the forecast wind will pick up at 11am. It was quite boring waiting in the slope under the hot sun. A pilot pulled out an Alula to have some funs in turns. Although there was about 1 or 2 meter wind,  the direction was so variable. In some case, they went to the back side to have some thermal soaring. After a long wait of more than 3 hours most pilots were loosing hope and started discussing to cancel the race. At about 12:30pm, the southeasterly suddenly picked up, it shot up to about 5 m/s in just a few minutes time and then maintain at that level for long period of time. So the bored pilots got so excited and they immediate arranged to kick start the race and hoped to get a few rounds before sun set. The contest was officially started at about 12:50pm. The first pilot to fly is Kolowai. Although he managed to get only a sixty, they all knew that the lift was sufficient and some pilots should be able to get faster times. There was a technical problem of bad contact in the cable in Base A end that caused some re-flies. Stanley managed to achieve a fast 43.74s to take the lead in round one by a large margin. In the second run with about 6m/s wind, Ah Kin suddenly flew his Ceres with a stunning fast time of 35.99s! This is not only the fastest time of the day but also a record for this Leung King slope. Wind died down a bit in round 3, 4, and 5. Philip flew very well with his Caldera in round 3 to achieve a 1000 points, followed by Kenneth in round 4. Uncle Chan came back quickly in round 5 to grab a 1000 points. By the time round 6 was started at 5:05pm, the wind suddenly picked up again to about 9m/s. Wow! everybody was so excited to rush to make a record. Finally, Uncle Chan flew magnificently accurate in turns to get a sub-forty of 38.20s.to finish the day. The contest drew to a close at 5:45pm. Pilots still had plenty of time to pack up and moved down to the packing area. The champion of the day is Kenneth, the 1st runner-up is Eric and 2nd runner-up is Philip. Ah Kin won the best speed award with a 35.99s. Congratulation to all winners! The summary of the score table is shown below, for details, please check the score sheet.



All the gliders are ready but no wind, it's a waiting game

Sunny joined the contest the second time, welcome

It's painful waiting game

Weak wind! Is Ah Kin going to test lift on this slope

One, two, three launch, let's get start

It looks, so let start the contest

Ah Wing is happy to help launching Ah Mak's FR3

1,2,3, it's indeed a powerful launch

Ah Wing is also helping to launch Sai Man's FR3

Ah Kin is also a preferred launcher

Contest in progress

See the tense atmosphere, it's a tough competition

It's rare to see so many rc pilots in this slope

Ah Keung just completed his run and is going to land

Philip's Caldera seems to be very happy with this slope

Great turn!

Ah Kin's Ceres run slow most of the time, but when it really runs, it's going to be real fast!

Billy's FR3 just exits the turn from base B

Ah Keung's beautiful Extreme is on the run

It seems this plane is flying a track too low

AC is preparing his Ceres

Sai Man is happy to be here for the contest, although landing is a bit challenging

Lee Man returns from a flawless landing

Sai Man is taking a rest and having his lunch

Billy returns from a flawless landing

What is in mind for Ko Lo Wai to fly fast next round?

Allan is in the ready box, cheers!

Yeung's brothers are helping each other for walking to the landing area

It seems that there are bit of obstructing objects  in the landing path

but it seems that everybody is getting used with this and all landed safely

Ah Keung has a second try on the landing

Kin inspects his model after a flawless landing

Philip performed very well today and won the 2nd runner-up prize

Eric won the 1st runner-up prize

Kenneth is the champion today, congratulation!

Ah Kin won the speedy man prize with a stunning 35.99 second

A group photo for the winners

A group photo for all the happy pilots