2010 Hong Kong F3F League - Match 7
Kin Ma Ling,  July 11, 2010

The seventh match for the 2010 Hong Kong F3F league was held successfully on Sunday, 11 July 2010 in southwest-facing slope of Kin Ma Ling in Sheung Shui. The weather forecast for the day was hot with plenty of sunshine but unfortunately only light to moderate southwesterly wind. Pilots arrived at Kin Ma Ling in the early morning, after a hard work in setting up the course by our dedicated team, the contest was able to be started at 9:30am with a total 27 pilots participating in the race. Wind was moderate at 4m/s, occasionally went up to 6m/s but also sometimes went down to 1m/s. Overall, the contest was smooth with occasional interrupts in waiting for the wind. Due to the strong thermal influence the differences in scores achieved within a round can be very large. Fastest can be in the forty, slowest can be in the ninety! Although the slope in Kin Ma Ling has been used in informal races before, most pilots still found difficulty in adapting to the slope condition under various wind speeds and directions. Extreme and RaceM-X seemed to the best models for this kind of small thematic slope! Angus took the marginally lead in the first round with a 54.35s. Wind dropped a bit in the second and third rounds which resulted in some DNFs by fellow pilots. C.M. got a mechanical failure in the third rounds although he did quite well in the first two rounds. Wind speed picked up a bit in the round 4 onward, Kenneth did a stunning 46.13s in round 5 which ultimately granted him the title of speedy man of the day. AC Wai did a 48.69 in round 7 and Ah Kin did a 49.95s in round 8 to finish off the contest. A total of 8 rounds was conducted and most pilots left the flying site at 6pm happily with possible exception is Lee Man because he crashed Stanley's Ceres again as a result of forgetting to pull out his transmitter's antenna! There were some errors in entering the timings into the computer on site, AC Wai was miss-identified as the 1st runner-up winner. After the correction, the true ranking is as follows: Angus was the champion, Kenneth won the 1st runner-up prize followed by Ah Kin. Congratulation to all winners! The summary of the score table is shown below, for details, please check the score sheet.


This is the first time we held a formal F3F league contest in Kin Ma Ling

It was a really hot day under the hot sun

Wind speed was too low, waiting for the wind to pick up again

AC Wai was preparing his FR3

Uncle Chan's plane flew too close to ground and grabbed some extra load but it managed to finish safely and surprisingly fast even with the extra load

Ah Kin got the 2nd runner-up prize

1st runner-up prize goes to...AC...no! It's a mistake, sorry

It should go to Kenneth!

Angus was the champion today

Kenneth also won the speedy man title with a 46.13s

A group photo for the winners, smile! Hey, AC you shouldn't be there!

A group photo for all happy F3F flyers!