2009 Hong Kong F3F League - Match 7
Fei Ngo Shan, July 26, 2009

The seven match for the 2009 Hong Kong F3F league was held successfully on Sunday, 26 July 2009 in Fei Ngo Shan. The original schedule for the race was one week earlier and was however delayed due to the approaching typhoon that week. As a result of rescheduling, some pilots were unable to join the race in the morning, so the official start time for the contest was 1 pm after all pilots have arrived. The day was a hot day with weak to moderate southerly wind ranging from 2m/s to 5m/s. It was cloudy and wet with occasion sunshine. Some pilots arrived earlier in the morning to prepare for the course and got some informal rounds for practice. The progress of informal rounds was slow because of rather weak wind condition and also the new landing arrangement where a pilot after finishing his run has to walk 50 meters on the right side passing through the ridge to land his plane. This arrangement although a bit more difficult for pilots, it is safer for CD stationed in pilot's position and possibly to the landing gliders.  The formal contest was officially started at exactly 1pm with Lee Man the first pilot to fly. His Predator seemed to perform very well under low lift condition. A total of 17 pilots have turned out to join the race, not bad under this kind of poor weather condition. Particularly, we were glad to see Johnson and Allan back to the scene after a few months break. The first pilot to get a sub sixty was Ah Pong. He flew his Demo with stunning speed. Demo was certainly the right choice of glider for this kind of wind condition. The next pilot joined the sub sixty was Stanley. He flew his FR3 with high degree of accuracy in turn, somehow, unfortunately he missed out one with a cut at base A, but still he got a sub sixty only half a second behind Ah Pong who won the first round finally. After three pilots have flown in round two, the rain started to getting in with momentum, so the CD called for a pause. Pilots as well as our beloved gliders were sheltered under the tent during the heavy downpour, thanks to Ah So for providing with us such a nice shelter. After about a 45 minute wait, the sky finally cleared up, and we immediately resumed our contest with a new second round. Stanley performed consistently well to won round two and three. Round four was the most interesting for the whole day as the wind was picked up to about 5m/s. Ah Kin was the first pilot to take this advantage with a 51.33s which was a significant jump from previous record. He was very happy because the best speed award was closing by. Our younger pilot, 12 year old Tin Tin, also got a 54.04s, closely followed by Ah Mak with a 54.06s. Everybody was laughing loudly that the 2007 HK Open champion was loosing to a teenage pilot by only 0.02 second! Ah Kin's dream of getting the best speed award was finally trashed when Stanley flew a stunning 49.72s, the only sub fifty in the whole day of contest. The contest was drawn to a close at about 6 pm with four rounds. Stanley won by a big margin with full score of 3,000, followed by Ah Pong and Ah Mak. Ah Pong was particularly happy that he finally broke the curse that he can only get the 4th place in all contests hold this year. Congratulation to all winners! The summary of the score table is shown below, for details, please check the score sheet.


Pilots arrived earlier were anxious to start an informal race in the morning

Ah Pong was ready for lunching Angus's Demo

Ah So was helping to lunch Fat Fai's Skorpion

Rain started at about 2pm. Lucky, we had a shelter

Donny was
making fun of the stacked gliders

Impressive! These gliders needed shelter too!

Ah Mak took the opportunity to have a photo with the stacked glider

Stanley also wanted to have a photo as well

Steve and Stanley were excited about seeing a cloud of rain approaching

Rain was gone, the sky cleared up again. Let's resumed our race

Allan was on the track

Ah Pong was helping Ah Wing to lunch his Big Bird

Allan walked to land his glider cautiously after finished his run

Skorpion flew pass with speed

Ah Mak got the 2nd runner up prize

Ah Pong got the 1st runner-up prize

Stanley was the champion and best speed man

Congratulation to the winners!

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Click to watch a movie for Ho Kwok Wai's run with his Ceres

Click to watch a movie for Ah Kin's run with his brand new Ceres Lift

Click to watch a movie for Johnson's run with his Demo

Click to watch a movie for Angus's run with his Demo

Click to watch a movie for Ho Kwok Wai's run with his Ceres

Click to watch a movie for Li Man's run with his Predator