2009 Hong Kong F3F League - Match 3
Ma On Shan, March 15, 2009

The third match, actually the first successful match,  for the 2009 Hong Kong F3F league was held on Sunday, 15 March 2009 in Ma On Shan. The wind speed of the day was from marginal 3m/s to 6 m/s. There were some interrupts when the wind speed occasionally dropped below 3m/s, otherwise the contest was run smoothly with a total of 7 rounds finally completed. The thermal activity was strong, the scores in a round can have very large differences. There were a few occasions that some paragliders entered our F3F track during a pilot's run and the pilot had to abort the run in order to avoid collision. The situation was getting worse after round 4 when the wind further weakened. With consultation with fellow pilots, we decided to move our racing track 150m to the left closer to the Pyramid Hill in order to have a longer separation distance between us and the paragliders. Meanwhile, the lift in that section of the slope is much better than our current track position. We resumed our contest for round 5 after setting up the new course and the contest was running smoothly since with less disruption of paragliders, although the landing was a bit more difficult. The contest was a close match particularly the second, third, forth and fifth positions. With only one second different the ranking would be quite different. Finally, Angus took the third position with some very good runs using his Extreme. Ah Mak fought hard to gain the second position with his old RaceM. Stanley performed consistently well and took the champion as well as the best speed awards. Congratulation! The summary of the score table is shown below, for details, please check the score sheet.


C.M. was preparing his Extreme for the contest. Extreme would be a perfect racing machine for this kind of wind condition

Wind speed of the day was marginal, but sufficient for getting 7 rounds of contest completed

Ak Kin was helping to launch Ah Pong's Ceres

Li Man was waiting in the queue

Ah So was ready to launch his Demo

Fat Fai's son was watching his father to get a score of 99s. Is it a full score for 100s?

Ah Mak helped to launch many gliders for the day. This one is for Ah So

This one is for Ah Wing

and this is is for A/C Wai, well done!

Ah Kin was really doing his best to launch for his teammate

Donny was helping to launch

Ah Pong is helping Ah Kin to launch, it seemed that he did use real force!

Ah Kin's Predator lose control after launched and crashed near Base B judge - Ah Pong; he said he was too shock to express his feeling afterward
We moved our track closer to Pyramid Hill to avoid those reckless unsafe paragliders

Angus has good runs with his Extreme and got the 2nd runner up award

Ah Mak fight hard to get the 1st runner-up award

Stanley won the best speed and champion awards, congratulation!

Smiling winners of the day

A group photo after the contest

The happy guys enjoyed a whole day of intense contest, let's smile!

Click to watch a movie for Ah Wing's run with his Skorpion

Click to watch a movie for Li Man's run with his Demo