2008 Hong Kong F3F League - Match 3
Ma On Shan, March 9, 2008

The third match for the 2008 Hong Kong F3F league was held on Sunday, 9 March 2008 in Ma On Shan east-facing slope. The weather was fine and warm, however, the wind God was still not co-operative despite of repeated begging for good wind by our fellow pilots since last month cancelled race. Anyway, he was just kind enough to spare little wind for a few hours for us to test our ability to fly F3F in extreme light wind condition. Anyhow, we grabbed this opportunity and did our best to run a memorable 7-round F3F contest successfully. The contest was started at 10:45am and ended at 3:45pm after 7 rounds were completed. The wind speed was at an average of 3 to 4 m/s and thermal activities were plentiful though out the whole contest, so the standard deviation of scores in each round is quite large. The contest was kept on and off as the wind varied tremendously. Stanley took the lead in the first round by a big margin with a 51.27s run while others were in sixties and seventies. This record was proved to be the fastest speed of the day which granted him the title of speedy man eventually. However, he performed poorly in subsequent rounds while in the mean time Ah Pong has flown his Lanita magnificently to its best state and took three full scores, which enabled him to win the contest with a big margin. Johnson flew his Sting in a consistent way and eventually grabbed the 1st runner-up prize. Ah Mak was a bit up and down initially and finally took the opportunity of a good thermal in the last round suppressing Stanley and Angus to grab the 2nd runner-up prize. Congratulation! Below is the score table. For details, please check the score sheet.


CD Ah Kin and ACD Fat Fai are in control

Ah Wing is ready to launch

Fat Fai is helping Allan to launch his Sting

Ah So uses his body language to tell how tense this run is

Ah Mak is encouraging his son to aim for these trophies

Allan and Ko Lo Wai are discussing how to fly the Sting in this round

Ah Pong seems to have something in mind - watch out!

Barry has a good run with a 58 second this round

The weather is fine and hot

Fat Fai is launching Vincent's Acacia III

Ah Wing is launching Donny's Demo

Demo on a speedy flypass

Donny serves as Base B judge professionally

Who will be the owners of these beautiful trophies?

Stanley was confident to get the trophy for the Champion after leading two rounds with a large margin, but ..... not yet.....

2nd runner-up prize goes to Ah Mak

1st runner-up prize goes to Johnson

Congratulation to the Champion: Ah Pong

Stanley got the speedy man title

A group photo for the winners

Have a group photo for the happy guys

Another group photo, cheers

Watch a movie for Ah Mak's slow score of 80s, but score was discarded anyway due to insufficient consistent wind

Watch a movie for Allan's speedy run

Watch a movie for Vincent's Acacia III F3F run

Watch a movie for Fat Fai's 56 second run

Watch a movie for Ah Kin's F3F run

Watch a movie for Ah Mak's 58 second run

Watch a movie for Angus's F3F run

Watch a movie for another F3F run by Ah Kin