2008 Hong Kong F3F League - Match 11
Ma On Shan, Nov. 16, 2008

The eleventh match for the 2008 Hong Kong F3F league was held on Sunday, 16 November 2008 in Ma On Shan. The wind speed of the day was from marginal 3m/s to 6 m/s. There were some interrupts when the wind speed occasionally dropped below 3m/s, otherwise the contest was run smoothly with a total of 10 rounds finally completed. The thermal activity was really strong, the scores in a round can have very large differences. No single pilot can manage to lead the race by a comfortable margin. Ah Wai flew his old NewSting superiorly under this strong thermal condition. His F3B NewSting can gain height in the 30s duration very easily, that gave him a better initial speed to finish the course consistently resulting in better times. Angus did very well in rounds and achieved four 1000 points, but somehow he also got two or three lousy scores that pulled him down in the result table. Similar situations to Ah Kin and Stanley, they both got some good runs but also some lousy runs too! Ah Mak did pretty bad today with many seventies. Ah Pong crashed his Demo during the practice time prior to the contest and he had taken only one plane with him. He borrowed Stanley's Aris and then Ah Mak's Aris for the contest but didn't do much better. No luck, man! The contest was called off at 4:10pm after 10 rounds were completed. The champion of the day was Ah Wai, followed closely by Stanley and then Ah Kin. The 1st and the 7th places have a difference of 41 in average score, which is very close indeed. Ah Kin also grabbed the speedy man title with a 50.02s in round 6.  Congratulation!  The summary of the score table is shown below, for details, please check the score sheet.


Ah Kin was so happy to join the race today because he was in the optimum performance condition after winning the trophies from Taiwan

Vincent was ready to for the run. His Acacia III was best suitable for today's wind condition

One, two, three! Ah Wai launched his OldSting by himself

Fai Fai was ready to launch the Skorpion

Skorpion was setup for optimum performance today

The way our CD, C.M., sat on the floor remind us something...

Ya! He was the master in charge of the race, why didn't you guys shadowed him and made him comfortable. Ah Wai was doing fine and he was awarded the champion today - just kidding!

A sting speedy flew past base A

Ah Pong was landing the Aris

Who would be the owner of these beautiful trophies?

The 2nd runner up prize went to Ah Kin. He got lot of the THIRD recently

The 1st runner up prize went to Stanley

The champion of the day was Ah Wai. His OldSting was combating to the last minutes and then certified died after the last round!
The best speed award went to Ah Kin, again, he got the best speedy man title from Taiwan recently, well done!

A group photo for the winners

The happy guys enjoyed a whole day of good wind, possibly except Ah Mak, see that he was still playing while we were taking photograph

Click to watch a movie for Ah Kin best speed run - 50.02s

Click to watch a movie for Allan's run with his Sting

Click to watch a movie for Ah Kin's run with his Skorpion

Click to watch a movie for Vincent's run with his Acacia III