Hong Kong F3F League - Match 1
Lobster Bay, January 13, 2008

The first F3F competition for the Year 2008 was held in Lobster Bay northeast slope on Sunday, 13 January, 2008.  The weather forecast that day was moderate northeast wind, so the venue of the race was fixed at Lobster Bay northeast slope. Pilots gradually arrived on the mountain top after a difficult steep hike up! There were a few rain patch and the temperature was really cool, but nothing could stop the enthusiastic pilots from enjoying a day of competitive F3F flying in this otherwise beautiful location. When the first batch of pilots arrived, they discovered that wind direction was off normal about 20 degrees to the north and the wind speed was just average at 4 m/s, so they knew that the race would be a challenging slow race. There were 14 pilots participating in the race, one pilot, Kevin, was new to F3F competitive flying. Unfortunately, Kevin's Demo was crashed and damaged just after launch in the first practice flight. Improper setting of aileron directions was the cause. He had to use his backup scale glider for the contest.   Last year's Champion, Ah Mak, was so confident in his performance, so he decided not to participate in the first race to give others a chance to kick start first. After some hesitations in the weather condition, the race was formally started at about 11:00am. Ko Lo Wai  performed superiorly to win the first round with a good margin only tightly followed by Ah Kin. His New Sting F3B seemed to be well suitable for strong crosswind condition. Unfortunately, in the second round, he made a big mistake to crash his plane when he flew too close to the slope. Johnson took the opportunity to ride on good wind and won the second round. He continued to perform well though out the whole contest. Ah Kin was steady gaining ground and took two 1000 points in round 4 and 5.  By the time at about 2:15pm when only a few pilots have flown in round 6, we received a call from a fellow pilot saying that, Law Wah, one of our fellow HKRCSS member who was also a renown r/c helicopter pilot, was seriously injured by an r/c helicopter in TKO. His condition was described as critical and was struggling for his life in QEH. We were all shocked by this striking news, and then the organizer decided to immediately call off the contest, so that we can rush to the hospital to show our support. We left the flying site in hurry and decided to have the award presentation in later day. Anyway, after five rounds of contest, the winner is Cheung Wan Kin and the best time is awarded to Johnson Yeung. Congratulation to the winners. Here is the summarized scores for the race. For details, please check the score sheet.


The weather is misty with light rain, the temperature is cool, these crazy pilots, however, are still enthusiastic about the race. Let's to accumulate some energies first!

Who is this old man? He is Uncle Kin. Although a bit old, he is recently in the optimal condition for wining any F3F race

Kevin is a new comer. He is a bit disappointed because his Demo was damaged in the first practice launch. Lucky he still got a scale glider for joining the race

Angus and Wing was discussing how to keep the race in order

One, two, three, launch!

This Ceres was tuned into the optimum flying condition

Speedy even in light lift condition

Ah Pong, why are you laughing at the new comer's scale glider? Your Lanita also got a time of 90 plus second also!

Fat Fai on recovering the Skorpion after a good run

Angus's Skorpion was also tuned into the best fighting condition, but still the result achieved is disappointing!

Johnson got the 1st runner up award

Ah Kin is the champion

Johnson also got the best speed award

The two winners have a group photo

Click to see a movie for a slow F3F run by Ah Pong's Lanita

Click to see a movie for a good run of Ah Kin's Ceres

Click to see a movie for how Angus's Skorpion performs in light wind condition

Click to see a movie for how poor Stanley's Viking is