2007 F3F League Race (Tenth Match) in Robin's Nest
October 7, 2007

The tenth F3F competition for the Year 2007 was held a week earlier from the scheduled day partly because there was a DLG contest in Shenzhen that weekend. The wind was forecasted to be from northwest, so we were a bit worry because we do not have a suitable slope for northwest wind. Luckily, one day prior to the contest, we went up to Robin's Nest which is a mountain range near the border with China in Shataukwok. There is a well maintained paved concrete road leading up to the hill top. On top there is a big communication antenna, further up by walk to the east side, there is a wonderful grassy slope suitable for wind coming from southeast. The landing would be flat top head wind landing as we have in Ma On Shan. There are also good south and southwest slopes suitable for F3F with a bit more difficult for landing. Finally, nearby the communication antenna, there is a slope suitable for northwest wind, perfect, we can hold a contest there, but the landing area is much more challenging and there are scattered rocks around.

The race was started at about 10:30am with 11 pilots. Due to the difficulty in landing, some pilots preferred not to fight using their expensive arsenal and chose to use foamy or inexpensive 60" moldy. The speed of running the contest was really slow and many pilots had to have many re-tries during landing. Even though, some models were badly damaged. Ah Pong's Demo plunged into a hard rock accidentally. Fat Fai's Aris preferred to crash land to the road's chain bar at the back side. Angus's Skorpion dived into the bush after a push-hard turn. Finally, six rounds of contest were completed. The winner of the day is Fat Fai, followed by Angus and Ah Kin. The best speed award went to Angus with a 55.19s round 3.

Congratulation to the winners. Here is the summarized scores for the race. For details, please check the score sheet.


The current F3F League scores are summarized as follow. Mak is still leading at 5968 points. Stanley follows with 5909 points while Ah Pong is in 3rd with 5771 points


Prepare for the race. The background mountain range is Robin's Nest (Hung Fai Leng). This slope is very convenient because it is just by the road

Landing area is between the pilot area and base A. Basically, there are soft grass to cushion landing but also a few big rocks to avoid.

Looking to the south from base A is the pilot area

Ah So is manning base B

Ah Wing's beautiful Big Bird is resting on ground

Allan decided not to risk crashing his expensive model, so here came this tiny model (electric?)

Oop! Angus's Skorpion landed on a hard bush resulting a big hole

Ah Pong is going to fix his Demo on site

Packing up after a hard day for contest enthusiasts

Ah Kin is the 2nd runner-up

Angus got the 1st runner up

Champion of the day is Fat Fai - not sure he is happy or not because his Aris is in a bad shape after crashing to the chain bar!

Congratulation to the winners and team AKFF

Let's have a group photo. See you next race, happy guys!