60" F3F Slope Race
Robin's Nest North Slope, February 3, 2008

A 60" F3F contest was organized by the Hong Kong Radio Control Soaring Society on 3 February 2008. This 60" contest was originally scheduled to be run  last November, but was postponed due to insufficient wind after started. The venue for holding this contest was Robin's Nest north slope. The weather forecast for the day was fresh northerly wind with cold temperature as low as 8 degree Celsius and sunny period in between, so we thought this will be a race with good wind but would be really cold up on the mountain. Ah So and Ah Pong have taken with them some coking utensils for making hot coffee and cup noodle. However, the temperature that day was not that cold as predicted and was quite warm under the hot sun. Most worse nightmare was the wind condition. The wind speed was virtually zero when we arrived at the slope at 9:30am, it gradually built up to 3 m/s at 12:00pm and peaked at 6 m/s at about 1:30pm. Even though the wind during this period was sufficient for running the contest, the wind direction was variable from normal to the slope to sometimes 30 degrees off to the west making the race very challenging for the pilots.  The race was officially started at 12:15pm with 10 pilots participating. Due to the variable wind condition with off normal direction, there were many DNFs in the first round. Allan took this round with a 97.56s. The wind got a bit better in the second round and pilots have gained more experience to fly in this kind of variable condition. The wind got stronger and more stable in the third round and hence there was no DNF in this round. Stanley took this round with a 82.61s which was actually proved to be the best time of the day. The wind got a bit worse in the forth round and then after two pilots have flown in the fifth round, the wind died down completely, so after a 30 minute wait, the contest was called off and we only managed to get 4 round scores. Stanley was the Champion of the contest and he also won the best time award but with the slowest best time record of 82.61s in the history of HK F3F! Congratulation anyway! Below is the score table. For details, please check the score sheet.


Ah Pong's 4W drive truck can go up to the right spot

Ah So is preparing his shooting star

Kevin is a new comer. He is gaining more experience in F3F style of flying

Allan is on the run while CD Ah Pong is watching

"I am particular good at 60" F3F", said Allan

Donny is helping to serve as CD

Johnson is having good wind this run

"Good, I am happy with this round result" said Johnson

Johnson's MinNYX is on a speedy run

Another MiniNYX on the track with a communication tower across the border in the background

Another MiniNYX on a speedy run

Mak tried to show us how he can gracefully land his Ocelot when the wind died down, but the end result is ....

These trophies are ready for collection

Watch a movie taken during the contest

Congratulation to Mak for winner the 2nd runner-up award

Allan won the 1st runner-up award with only 0.26 point ahead of Mak!

Stanley got the champion despite of a DNF

Stanley also got the speed man title with the best time of 82s - it is definitely the slowest in record for HK

The winners have a group photo together

Despite of a large drop out, this group of pilots are happy always