2008 Hong Kong F3F League - Match 12
Robin's Nest North, Dec. 14, 2008

The twelfth match for the 2008 Hong Kong F3F league was successfully completed on Sunday, 14 December 2008 in Robin's Nest north-facing slope.  A total of 14 pilots joined the race. The north-facing slope in Robin's Nest is known to be nasty of having large turbulence. When the wind is weak to moderate, the lift can be very marginal for running F3F contest. This proved to the case for the contest as the wind was averaged at about 4m/s. The variation of wind  speed during a run can be between 1m/s to 7m/s. The contest had to be interrupted quite often as the wind speed was varying up and down. After almost 5 hours of contest, only 4 rounds were completed as the pilots had to wait in between wind bubbles. Ah Wing took the first round with a 62.55s which is well above the others. In the second round, it was even more amazing that C.M. got a 56.35s run while all other times were in seventies. His Extreme must have been designed to take advantage in some special wind conditions. After a relatively long wait of wind and some discussions of the suitability of continuing the race, round 3 and round 4 were finally completed which were both won by Stanley with times at 63.35s and 69.47s, respectively. This enabled him to crown the championship of the day, followed by Ah Kin and C.M. Congratulation!  The summary of the score table is shown below, for details, please check the score sheet.


Robin's  Nest north-facing slope is known to be nasty for having large turbulence. OK, let's start the contest

Skorpion is racing through turbulence air

Fat Fai is on the run while fellow pilots are watching

It is a good landing, well done!

Ah Pong and C.M. seem to have some arguments, no fighting mem!

Race until sun set

Who will be the owners of these beautiful trophies?

There are some discussion going on, are you happy, guys?

The 2nd runner up prize went to C.M.

Ah Kin got the 1st runner up prize, he always say he gets luck only up to the second place

The champion of the day was Stanley. He has been winning a lot of contests recently.  Is it because he wants to grab as many trophies as possible before retire?
The best speed award went to C.M. His best speed run is 56.36s well above the normal. His Extreme must have been designed to run fast in some special conditions.

A group photo for the winners

Let's have a group photo to celebrate the completion of 2008 league

Click to watch a movie for Ah So's run with his RaceM

Click to watch a movie for Johnson's run with his Sting