F3F Slope Race League - Seventh Match in Ma On Shan
9 September 2007


The seventh match of F3F League for the Year 2007 was held in Ma On Shan on Sunday, 9 September 2007. The weather forecast was good east wind.  All pilots arrives Ma On Shan in the early morning and tested flight in the strong wind of 8~10m/ss.  Nevertheless, the wind dropped gradually when the race started at 10:20 until it reached minimum of less than 3m/s2 during round 4 at 12:00.  Surprisingly, the wind increased in the afternoon such that 11 rounds were completed before 16:30.  This was the best round number conducted in the League 2007.

Due to poor wind and lift condition in round 4, Allanís mini NYX could not climb back and forced to land onto the half of the slope.  It could not be found in a detail search for one hour.  Other pilots joined the rescue team after the race and finally Pong took 20 minutes to recover the loss plane.  It was still in excellent condition.

The race was challenging and exciting since it started.  Other than the fluctuation of wind condition, the performance of all pilots was very close as well.  YC hold the best speed with 46.71s for 10 rounds until the Stanley overtook with 46.26s in the last round which differed by less than 0.5s.  Although winning the best speed award, Stanley was 25 points behind Ah Mak and finished in second.  Ah Mak once again won the league race with a very consistence performance and obtained three 1000 points.  Angus and YC took the 2nd Runner-up and 3rd Runner-up respectively.

Congratulation to the winners the seventh match.

Here are the summarized scores for the race. For details, please check the score sheet.


The current F3F League scores are summarized as follow. Mak is leading at 5968 points. Stanley follows with 5867 points while Ah Pong and Ah Kin are chasing behind.


Champion, Ah Mak received his trophy

1st runner-up, Stanley received his trophy

2nd runner up is Angus

Group Photo at Ma On Shan