F3F Slope Race League - Fifth Match in Ma On Shan
7 July 2007

The fifth match of F3F League for the Year 2007 was held in Leung King southeast slope (Pineapple Hill) on Saturday, 7 July 2007. The weather forecast was good south wind.  All pilots arrived Shui Sheung Kin Ma Ling in the early morning but it turned out to be southeast which was not suitable.  The group moved to Leung King at noon and set up for competition at about 2:30pm.

Wind condition was good at around 3-6 m/s2 but the lift was average due to high-rise buildings in front of the slope.  The average speed was not satisfactory at around 60s.  Nevertheless, the landing site was away from the track so that the competition could run smoothly with 6 rounds held in 3 hours.

Ah Mak was at the supreme performance and took the “Speed Man” award (56.35s) and champion of the race. Stanley had consistent performance and finished in 2nd position.  Ah Pong and Ah Kin took the 3rd and 4th respectively.  Wing’s new Big Bird, showed good potential and won round 2 with 58.31s, finished 5th.

Congratulation to the winners the fifth match.

Here are the summarized scores for the race. For details, please check the score sheet.



The current F3F League scores are summarized as follow. Mak is leading at 3995 points. Stanley follows with 3929 points while Ah Pong is in 3rd.



Ah Mak won the Speedman and Champion



Stanley in 2nd


Ah Pong in 3rd


Group Photo at Leung King Pineapple Hill